May 13: More thoughts on some of the best prospects in baseball

A massive update to my top-100 list is coming next week, and a breakdown of the 2010 amateur draft will arrive shortly after. For now, enjoy the latest thoughts on 10 more top prospects.

Scott Sizemore / 2B / Detroit
Sizemore hasn’t burst onto the scene as I had hoped, but he is currently displaying some of the offensive skills necessary to be a productive everyday second baseman. However, we should all be cringing a bit at both his fielding percentage and the “0” currently posted under the stolen base column. I assure you, though, there is untapped upside.

Alcides Escobar / SS / Milwaukee
I came into the year pessimistic toward Escobar’s 2010 stolen base prospects, but even I’m shocked by the goose egg he has put up thus far. Maybe it will take a more liberal manager running the show in Milwaukee, but, long term, the steals will come. What’s more concerning is the uncharacteristically shaky defense and batting average approaching the Mendoza line. Should we chalk everything up to a slow start, or is there more to the story? It’s hard to tell, but even his long-term stock is falling at this point.

Brett Lawrie / 2B/3B/OF / Milwaukee
Lawrie is struggling defensively, but he is treading water with his bat in the early going. Considering his age and his level, that’s not a bad thing. He’s a little lost in the shuffle right now, but I have full confidence that his defense will improve no matter which position he ends up playing, and his bat will carry him the rest of the way.

Jaff Decker / OF / San Diego
Decker has yet to play meaningful baseball this season, as he remains in extended spring training while he nurses a strained hamstring. He should be moved up shortly, however.

Lars Anderson / 1B / Boston
Anderson has quickly put his disappointing 2009 season behind him. He clobbered Eastern League pitching for the first few weeks of the season and earned his way up to Triple-A Pawtucket, where he continues to produce, albeit in a small sample size. I didn’t give up, and I hope you didn’t give up either. He’s right on track to make an impact for Boston in 2011.

Casey Kelly / SP / Boston
Kelly has made a seamless transition into Double-A ball, and his stock is on the rise. Right now he is having success based mainly on his fastball and overall command, but he has shown strong secondary stuff before. I expect to see that secondary stuff more and more as he advances.

Wade Davis / SP / Tampa Bay
Davis has been impressive in carrying over his successful 2009 major league stretch. He has been incredibly consistent for his age, and while his command continues to be somewhat worrisome, his ace-caliber arsenal is eye-popping.

Jordan Lyles / SP / Houston
For those who have been sleeping on Lyles, his early-season Texas League performance should be necessary proof that he is one of the best young pitchers around.

Jiovanni Mier / SS / Houston
On the surface Mier has flat out struggled, even defensively, but digging deeper we can see that Mier is drawing walks at a tremendous rate for his age and is finding ways to score and drive in runs any way he can.

Lonnie Chisenhall / 3B / Cleveland
Where are the extra-base hits? Chisenhall is finding Double-A pitching tough. It will be interesting to see if he adjusts the more he sees the same pitchers.

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13 years ago

The headline says “some of the best” not “all of the best” or “the best.”

Mike Savino
13 years ago

I think he meant “best of the” not “10 of the” “prospects” in “baseball” of the best Tanner “Scheppers”.

Good to a Padres prospect finally mentioned in a “best” prospect article. Although I read an article on strikeout percentage on this very website warning me he’ll probably struggle at the ML level.

James Mason
13 years ago

Don’t know where you got your 10 “best” list –  but if Tanner Scheppers isn’t on it, you can leave the word “best” off of your list and be a lot more accurate.

13 years ago

@James Mason

He meant 10 of the best prospects, not the best 10 prospects.