WPA Inquirer

Just enter a few assumptions in the tables below to return the win probability stats of a game situation. First, determine the sort of run environment you want to assume (for instance, more runs are scored at Coors Field, but fewer runs will be scored when a team’s ace is on the mound). Then, select the specific situation: the base situation, the inning (for extra innings, simply choose the ninth), the number of outs, and the score from the home team’s point of view (if they lead by say, 5-3, that’s a positive two-run differential).

We’ve included two different scenarios so you can directly compare them. The output will include each team’s win probability and leverage index of the situation, as well as the change in WPA and WPA/LI.  You can read more about win probability in this article and you can read about Leverage Index (LI) here. All data was provided by Tangotiger.

First Scenario

Second Scenario