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Buried in this story about Khalil Greene going back on the DL is this nugget: The Cardinals purchased the contract of 24-year-old righty Clayton Mortensen from Triple-A Memphis. That move restores pitching staff to 13 after one day with a dozen following the acquisition of Mark DeRosa from the Indians. “Restores.” And one whole day […]

It’s being reported that the Nats and Pirates are about to consummate a Nyjer Morgan for Lastings Milledge trade. Reader MooseInOhio emails to tell me that someone in Nyjer Morgan nation has already updated his Wikipedia page to reflect that the deal is done: Nyjer Jamid Morgan (born July 2, 1980, in San Francisco, California) […]

The other gig gives me access to the AP and Getty photo wire, each of which contains thousands upon thousands of pictures. And I can pick anything I want. Without realizing it, however, I posted pictures of two mulleted pitchers today, and made specific mention of Tommy Hanson’s mullet yesterday (I had a pic of […]

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rogers opined — ridiculously, I noted — that the Cubs should waive Carlos Zambrano. Tribune readers agree: Your team wants Carlos Zambrano? Go ahead, take him. That’s what I proposed after Zambrano turned in another knuckleheaded performance on Sunday at U.S. Cellular Field. I suggested Cubs GM Jim Hendry put […]

In terms of posts it was a slow morning, but the morning itself was anything but slow. In the wake of that alleged list of the 2003 steroid test positives, I put on my reporter hat and actually called sources and cross checked and wrote stuff down and everything. That’s hard work! Someone please remind […]

A burden shared is a burden halved.

So, Marchman posts a link to a guy who claims to have a list of the 2003 drug test failures. Then Jay wonders whether Marchman posting the link is a hypocritical move based on stuff Marchman has said in the past about trafficking in this kind of stuff. I scanned through the list quickly, and […]

White Sox 6, Indians 3: Nice Indians’ debut for Chris Perez: He hit the first two batters he faced, walked the bases loaded and then gave up a fielder’s choice, an RBI double, a wild pitch and run-scoring single. One of the guys he hit — Alexei Ramirez — took it in the head and […]

A look at all of the impacts of the trade, beyond even the two players directly involved.

Five players whose value could be affected by what happens between now and the trade deadline.