2011 FSIC NL: Team Carty/Pritchett

On Sunday, draft season came to an end for me as I completed my fifth and final fantasy baseball draft of the year, the Fantasy Sports Invitational Challenge (FSIC) NL. It’s a 12-team, 5×5, NL-only league with 22-man rosters (one catcher). It uses a snake draft format to select rosters. The past two seasons I’ve partnered with Paul Singman for this league, and we finished in second in 2009. This year, however, my partner will be new THTF writer Ben Pritchett. Here’s our roster.

FSIC NL roster

| POS | PLAYER              | ROUND |
| C   | Wilson Ramos        | R25   |
| 1B  | Joey Votto          | R1    |
| 2B  | Juan Uribe          | R9    |
| 3B  | Jose Lopez          | R16   |
| SS  | Stephen Drew        | R4    |
| CI  | Brandon Belt        | R14   |
| MI  | Jonathan Herrera    | R21   |
| OF  | Shane Victorino     | R2    |
| OF  | Jay Bruce           | R3    |
| OF  | Michael Bourn       | R5    |
| OF  | Marlon Byrd         | R9    |
| OF  | Mike Morse          | R10   |
| UT  | Jay Gibbons         | R19   |
| SP  | Zack Greinke        | R6    |
| SP  | Ted Lilly           | R8    |
| SP  | Tim Stauffer        | R12   |
| SP  | Clayton Richard     | R13   |
| SP  | Brandon Beachy      | R15   |
| SP  | Kyle McClellan      | R17   |
| CL  | Jonathan Broxton    | R7    |
| CL  | Sean Burnett        | R18   |
| RP  | Rafael Betancourt   | R23   |
| BN  | Andrew Cashner (SP) | R20   |
| BN  | Mike Leake (SP)     | R22   |
| BN  | Alex Sanabia (SP)   | R26   |
| BN  | Yonder Alonso (1B)  | R24   |
| BN  | Dee Gordon (SS)     | R27   |


Overall, I think we drafted a very good team. I do think we have a couple holes, like UT now that Gibbons is headed to the DL and Tony Gwynn Jr. is starting in LF. Lopez and Herrera are also both question marks in terms of how much playing time they’ll get. Ramos and Belt should start for the majority of the year, but just how large a majority is still in question.

Greinke will be out for most of April, but I think we ended up with a lot of quality pitchers late to help out until he comes back. Sean Burnett is only sharing save opportunities for the time being, but we drafted him late enough where he could be a real bargain.

Aside from all that, though, we’re looking quite rosy smile. In all honesty, I think we landed some very good players early to anchor our team in Votto, Victorino, and Bruce, and some very good supporting players with the likes of Morse, Uribe, and Stauffer, among others. I think we have enough security wrapped up in certain players, and I think we picked our spots well in terms of taking risks to complement those players.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know what you think of our team in the comments.

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Jacob Rothberg
13 years ago

Victorino ahead of Bruce? Is speed so rare in the NL?

Brad Johnson
13 years ago

The speed/power combination is. Victorino has the upside potential of a 20/20 guy and he’ll likely either drive in a bunch of runs or score a bunch himself. The power projection may be a bit high, but a floor of 10 homeruns with 25 or more steals is a nice combination of talents. He’s posting strong averages in the past too.

Derek Ambrosino
13 years ago


Not coming out for or against the Victorino pick, but just in response to your question – I believe 8 players in MLB stole 40+ bases last year, and only 1 (Bourn) was from the NL.

Derek Carty
13 years ago

Yeah, Jacob, speed is actually very rare in the NL and very valuable in this particular format.  If you think about it, guys like Pierre, Rajai, Ichiro, Crawford, Upton, Gardner, Ellsbury, Crisp, Andrus, Figgins, Span, Pennington are all in the NL.  For this NL league, I only had three or four guys projected for 30 or more SB.  Also, given what was left, it seemed like Bruce would be left at our next pick (because we had the fifth pick, there wasn’t too many before our next pick came back around).

Brad Johnson
13 years ago

Excellent roster. Ideally you’d have one more starting position player (this is where Omar Vizquel would have been nice), but it does appear you did a good job compiling AB’s for a 12 team NL only. If you’re going to have a light position, MI is the place to do it.

Here’s a hint, keep an eye on Philadelphia. A useful MI in this format may emerge out of the Utley situation.

Will Hatheway
13 years ago

I think getting Lilly in the 8th in a 12-team NL draft is armed robbery. The 4th round isn’t cheap by any means, but Drew is a very good SS considering the pool. I like Burnett in the 18th much more than Broxton in the 7th … I’ve said all along that I didn’t trust Storen as a closer pick this year, and now that seems to be right. My only real bitch is Victorino in the 2nd. I guess I’d have to see who else was left, but that just seems pricey to me.

Overall, I think this is the best draft you’ve posted… good job.