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Indians 10, Yankees 2: I missed it live, but thankfully STO shows Indians day game replays in the evening. Having known the outcome in advance, I could focus on other things. Mostly I was fixated on the view of the primo seats just to the third base side of home that were visible during every closeup of a right handed batter. The seats are overly cushy. The waiter service is just asking for a wildcat strike from respectable beer guys everywhere. Worst of all, there was a guy in a blue suit and red tie with brown, blow-dried hair sitting in the second or third row of those seats who I’ve decided to make my mortal enemy. He didn’t do anything particularly egregious, but he was wearing a suit and tie to a ballgame, took a few calls on his cell, and never ever seemed to once be focusing on the action on the field. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with him when I finally capture him, but it involves time travel, bleacher seats, and trough urinals. I’ve probably said too much already.

Padres 6, Mets 5: I’m calling in a pinch hitter for this one. Here’s Diesel, from the gone-but-not-forgotten blog “Two Guys Who Never, Like, Agree”:

Anyway, watching Pads-Mets, and Jerry Manuel just brought on K-Rod in the ninth despite being down a run. Obviously, much has been made of Manuel’s open and stated willingness to pitch K-Rod in high-leverage situations, regardless of whether it’s a save situation, and accordingly has earned plaudits from those who have long bemoaned the LaRussian doctrine of pretending that saves are worth a damn. It’s great.

But isn’t it ironic that the first manager to defy this ridiculous managerial orthodoxy is the one guy who actually doesn’t have to? He’s got Putz, who may not be K-Rod but is good enough to be the best reliever in more than half of the pens out there.

Does anyone else find this to be more than a little funny?

Yep. I do.

Nationals 8, Phillies 2: Lastings Milledge to Syracuse + Nick Johnson to the second slot in the lineup = three-run home run for Adam Dunn in the first inning, which would end up being enough for the Nats to snag their first win. From the Dept. of Interesting Things Said in Game Stories: “Through seven games, the Nationals were plagued by problematic starting pitching. Acta cautioned against a rapid assessment of the rotation before it cycled through a few times.” So the Nats rotation is like the water filter on my fridge? Whatever, dudes.

Cardinals 7, Cubs 4: Chris Duncan had a homer and three RBI, but don’t crown him a hero. He had to do that much to make up for the mistakes he made on defense, including a dropped fly ball and a missed popup.

White Sox 3, Rays 2: Joe Maddon was ejected for arguing about whether Jermaine Dye fouled a ball off his foot. The turning point seemed to be when the umpires actually inspected the ball, and upon looking at it called it a foul ball, negating the 5-3 putout. This set Maddon off. Until I read more, I have to agree with Maddon. What, exactly, on the ball would have led the umps to change their call from out to foul? Shoe polish? I don’t think there’s been a ballplayer who wore shoes with polish on them since Stan Musial retired. Speaking of Stan, I think someone needs to buy me this. Anyone? Anyone?

Astros 6, Pirates 3: Andy LaRoche got a hit! Not much else for the Pirates to be happy about, though, as a Lance Berkman’s three-run homer was the difference here. Between Mike Hampton Wednesday night and Russ Ortiz last night, Houston is doing a pretty sweet 2003 Braves imitation. That team won 101 games, but I have this feeling that the 2009 Astros won’t.

Marlins 6, Braves 2: Braves fans were treated to Cody Ross going 3-3, a homer, and four RBI. Not that this is anything new, as Ross was .319/.388/.578 over the course of his career against the Braves entering the game. There hasn’t been a guy who has abused the Braves like this since Mike Redmond moved to the American League.

Blue Jays 9, Twins 2: Speaking of pwnage, Roy Halladay bumps his record vs. the Twins up to 8-0 with a 2.77 ERA over his career, and Toronto has taken 12 of 13 from Minnesota overall.

Angels 5, Mariners 1: Ichiro breaks Isao Harimoto’s record for hits by a Japanese player by smacking his 3,086th, but it’s not enough to overcome the qudruple-headed hyrdra of destruction that is Mike Napoli, Gary Matthews, Juan Rivera and Maicer Izturis who combined to drive in five runs in the sixth inning.

Dodgers 7, Giants 2: Zito shelled, grass green, sky blue.

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14 years ago

Totally agreed with the Putz/Rodriguez observation.  I’ve watched a few Mets games online and continue to wonder why he isn’t using the pen differently.

If they aren’t going to use Putz, the Cubs will trade Gregg straight up.  (I perhaps don’t have the authority to make this trade but maybe the internetz is magics?)

14 years ago

In regards to the shoe polish, I distinctly remember a Reds game last year where Jeff Keppinger hit a ball off of his foot that went in to play.  He was forced out and the other team threw the ball into the stands.  The announcers were going crazy saying that it fouled off of his foot, and they kept showing the fan who was holding up the ball showing a black smudge from the shoe polish on his shoe.

So to answer your question, yes, I believe it was shoe polish.

14 years ago

Rarely do I have sympathy for the cross Bay team, los Gigantes. Their stadium is too nice, it’s too accessible to one of America’s great destination cities, and the crowd is that mix of obnoxious corporate expense account and wowie tourist.

Still, the burden that is Zito epitomizes the difference between the Beloved A’s and the Giants. It’s not how much money you have, it’s how you spend it.

Having said that, I respect that Zito’s ERA is now an even 10.00. It’s much easier for the casual fans who inhabit AT&T stadium to remember.

14 years ago

Putz had pitched the night before while K-Rod hadn’t. If they’d been on equal rest, Manuel might have pitched K-Rod anyway but that’s a good enough reason to keep Putz out of the game last night.

The Ol Goaler
14 years ago

And to think, _I’m_ the proud owner of a baseball AND an 8.5-by-11 B&W glossy that “The Man” autographed for me for nuthin’ at “Stan and Biggie’s” during his playing career…

Matt S.
14 years ago

I’m really impressed with Manuel’s managing of the pen so far. Last night, not only did Putz need rest, but it was a three run game in the top of the 8th and Castro’s HR made it a one run game, so pressure to keep the game close was greater by the 9th. Using K-Rod was the right move. I disagree with Diesel and Kelly, I think the mets have the best pen for this type of use. If K-Rod pitches too many games in row, Putz can close. If he were to follow the hold/save model and always use them in combination they would have to settle for using a far inferior pitcher late in the game if they wound up playing four close games in a row.

14 years ago

In Zito’s defense – two runs scored because of a “triple” that Fred Lewis lost in the lights, and the bullpen allowed all of the runners zito bequeathed to them to score.  I’m certainly not saying he is any good, but at times yesterday he actually looked like a major league pitcher.

14 years ago

You forgot to mention that Farnsworth didn’t lose a game last night.

Pete Toms
14 years ago

Craig, the guy with the “blow-dried hair”.  I share your contempt for this comportment at games.  I took my oldest to his first playoff hockey game last year and shot the wad on good seats.  The guys in front of us wore suits, drank red wine from stem wear and were conspicuous users of their blackberries.  I’m not opposed to wearing a suit but bring a change of clothes to work for christs sake.  (never wear anything to a game that you’re not willing to smear mustard on)I’m not opposed to red wine or stem wear (well stem wear kinda) but it’s a friggin hockey game, have a beer.  And leave your “smart” device in your SUV and enjoy the friggin game.

14 years ago

Speaking of trough urinals, can anyone confirm if the new Yankee Stadium has them to honor the history and all that, perhaps copper as would befit a $1.5 billion baseball cathedral?