Andruw Jones still looking for work

That knee-jerk assumption everyone had — including me — that Andruw Jones would sign a minor league deal with the Braves turns out to have been a faulty one:

The Braves have had a couple of weeks to discuss Andruw Jones, and in the process, it doesn’t appear that they’ve become any more interested in bringing the veteran outfielder back to their organization.

In fact, it appears the Braves and Jones have become more disinterested in each other . . .

. . . But that assumption wasn’t shared by Atlanta, which immediately indicated that it likely wouldn’t offer the former All-Star outfielder anything more than a Minor League contract.

Agent Scott Boras has said Jones has no interest in entertaining a Minor League deal, and the 31-year-old outfielder seemingly verified this earlier this week, when he became defensive when a former Braves teammate simply suggested that this was an option that would allow him the opportunity to resuscitate his career in the familiar surroundings of Atlanta.

Well if that’s truly the case — and when Boras is involved, you really never know — we’ve probably seen the last of Andruw Jones, because no sane team is going to guarantee him anything. Well, at least no team should guarantee him anything. If your team does, feel free to immediately abandon them, because they’re a lost cause.

And yes, I include myself in that sentiment as well. If the Braves give Jones a guaranteed deal, I’m out.

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The Common Man
14 years ago

I know, in the past, I’ve suggested that there’s a good chance Jones still has something in the tank.  But there’s no way, if I’m a GM, I give him anything more than a split contract, a minor league deal if he doesn’t make the 40-man, and a million + incentives if he does.

14 years ago

Any idea what his contract situation will be if/when he signs with a new team?  I was under the assumption that after LA restructured his contract and released him that he would be like any other player who is picked up after being released.  That is the signing team would pay the league minimum and the releasing team pays the rest of his contract.  Or, did LA buy out his contract and he’ll get an entirely new contract from his new team?

Either way, why would he be looking for anything other than a guaranteed major league deal?  There’s got to be some team willing to pay him the minimum.

14 years ago

Calling planet Andruw. Excused from your winter ball team for being unproductive and out of shape, excused from the Dodgers, who are still on the hook for millions in deferred salary, unable to put up even Tony Pena Jr. offensive numbers the past couple of years, you’ll be dang lucky to get a try-out from a desperate slo-pitch softball team. Now we understand why no hitting coach has been able to get Andruw’s attention in recent years. He ain’t here, he’s off in his own galaxy, where habitually swinging at outside breaking balls earns you a bed down with 30 celestial virgins.

14 years ago

Jones needs to find a way to get himself on The Kingdom of the Netherlands team and use the WBC as an audition to potential teams.  Of course he would have to play well for it to work in his favor but then again the last impressions of his playing ability could not be much worse.

Ted Spradlin
14 years ago

There was a year or two when he was driving balls out to right-center and I thought he’d actually fulfill his potential.  Then he reverted back to swinging from his heels, trying to pull everything 400 feet and 50 feet foul.  What a waste of a potential Hall of Fame career.  Wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Bowden gives him a shot in DC.  If he fails, nobody’s watching at the park or on TV.