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With the Red Sox and Yankees separated by just a game in their battle for first place, Ben and Larry discuss whether or not they’re living up to expectations.

The Yankees are in last place, but Larry’s not too concerned because they’re no worse off than they were last year.

Ben is pleased to see the Red Sox begin to snap out of their slow start, while Larry is upset that the Yankees have fallen into even more of a slump.

Neither Ben nor Larry is thrilled about the way his favorite team has looked in the first week of the season, but both realize that it’s way too early to worry.

A lot’s happened to the Red Sox and Yankees since Ben and Larry started chatting about their favorite teams a little over a year ago. Now, they’re both ready for a new season of the rivalry to begin.

For about a full year (if not longer), everybody’s been saying that Carlos Beltran would be going to New York this winter. Everybody was right, but for the wrong reason. Ben’s very happy about that, and Larry’s certainly not.

Did the Red Sox and Yankees give Ben and Larry a Merry Christmas, or not?

Ben and Larry try to make sense of what their favorite teams have done in the last week.

As the arbitration deadline passed, the free agent season kicked into gear, with the Yankees and Red Sox making some major signings. Ben and Larry put their spin on things.

Ben and Larry discuss the interesting revelations surrounding Jason Giambi, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, the Red Sox and the Yankees that came out this past week.