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Cork finds the silver lining for Rays fans after the World Series.

Longoria and Upton have carried Tampa Bay past the Boston, and Rays fans are ready for their heroes to take them to the promised land.

The Rays’ offense overcame some shaky defense and relief pitching in the ALCS. Can they replicate their recipe for success in the Fall Classic?

A game’s worth of reasons why it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Despite all the haters, the clock has not yet struck midnight on the Rays’ Cinderella season.

After taking out the Red Sox and Yankees in the regular season, the Rays are riding high into the playoffs. Cork thinks a newly healthy offense can take them past the White Sox.

The Rays’ emergence has been one of the best stories of the season, and Cork explains how it happened and where the Rays go from here.

Cork Gaines takes a look at the young talent on the 2007 Rays roster.