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It’s trade review time again. Bobby Abreu steps up to the plate.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can the M’s win it all?

John and Geoff chat about life, the universe and everything over a cold beer.

Surely it is worth a team taking a punt on Barry Bonds. Surely.

Are the Mets built to contend only in 2008? What about 2009 and beyond?

For those who aren’t bored with the Santana circus …

The response to the last rules and quirks column was overwhelming. John checks out the thoughts of some THT readers.

The Marte/Renteria deal was slammed by Braves fans. However, it looks as though John Schuerholz once more came out on top.

John dives into the rule book to find 10 rules of baseball that if you do know you probably shouldn’t, and if you don’t know you probably wouldn’t want to.

John investigates the merits of less competitive balance