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Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have solid, deep farm systems, but who gets the edge?

The Cubs and Cardinals have a hatred for one another that runs deep. We’re talking farm system deep here.

Washington’s system is strong, despite graduating Stephen Strasburg, while Milwaukee’s system has lost its luster after the Zack Greinke and Shawn Marcum trades.

These two systems graduated some big-time talent in 2010 and have no one to replace them.

It may be the off-season, but these NL East rivals never sleep.

The farm systems for Seattle and Texas battle it out.

Los Angeles Angels: Top 10 Prospects 1. Mike Trout / OF / Trout had a tremendous season, leaving no doubt about who LA’s top prospect is. His speed and defense are fully expected to be assets, but his mature approach and eye at the plate come as a surprise at this stage of his development. […]

Cleveland and Minnesota are small-market rivals who are always competing on multiple fronts.

While Chicago and Detroit have suspect farm systems, this rivalry runs deep.

Toronto’s system has improved in a year’s time, but is still no match for Kansas City’s.