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Another look at a fantasy player’s roster.

Another edition of the Roster Doctor.

Roster Doctor for a 12-team mixed Yahoo head-to-head league.

A mock draft with 11 perfectly average drafters plus myself.

Updates to the original Keeper League Rules, as well as a summary of reader submissions.

What keeper league ruleset makes the most sense to help balance risk and reward?

The second portion of a fantasy player’s draft rules to live by.

A quick list of some fun rules to keep in mind on draft day.

In head-to-head, which statistics show a strong correlation between team strength and head-to-head record? Which show won-loss records that mostly reflect luck?

Now that we know who has shown a sustainable jump in FIP over the past six years, let’s see if we can apply it to 2008 statistics and make some guesses at 2009 breakout candidates.