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I am sorry to report that my previous column will be my last here, as I am moving on to write for another baseball website, and will be joining Todd Farino of as a radio host for his weekly baseball radio show at I appreciate all of the comments I have received, and […]

Some more discussion on the concept of “value.”

This may be a controversial topic. Most fantasy owners get so hung up on the concept of value that they do not realize it is a bit of a mirage. Let’s assume that when we discuss the concept we are talking about value as “the produced worth in excess of projected worth” for a given […]

There is one skill that permeates every decision made in an auction, and owners should try to cultivate it at every turn.

The importance of post season review and self-analysis.

Answering a question posed about these three rookies

Looking at a strategy to scrounge for NL pitchers, its effect and aftermath.

Analyzing who to keep among a few marginal NL keepers.

Why the league-wide trade solicitation is poor strategy.

Looking at the sometimes thorny issue of fantasy ethics.