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Sean wasn’t hoping to write this story so soon, but fundamental mistakes cost the Angels the series. Sean breaks it down.

The Angels (and Sean) try to get it right this time.

The Angels’ AL West leading record has masked a mediocre performance record from a run scoring and run prevention perspective. Sean tackles how we can expect the Angels to perform from here on out.

Sean listened to your feedback and is back with an update to his TotalZone system. Maybe Sammy Sosa was a better fielder than we thought.

The Angels spent big on Torii Hunter and picked up Jon Garland this offseason, but will their pitchers be healthy enough to reclaim the AL West crown?

Sean Smith turns archaeologist to derive TotalZone ratings for bygone days.

When the real games end, some baseball fans turn to baseball sims to pass the time.

Sean Smith tries to make sense of a tough series for the Angels.

Sean Smith likes the Angels—because of their superior offense and front line pitching.

Sean Smith explains what’s so awesome about the new Zone Rating stats from Baseball Info Solutions, which are now available and updated through the season at The Hardball Times.