Braves Birthday Promotion

“Great Moments in a Bad Economy,” or “How The Atlanta Braves are like Denny’s“:

Celebrate your birthday right with the greatest birthday gift of all: free admission for one (1) game during the 2009 season to see the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field! It’s our present to you, or your children. Follow these simple steps:

1. Be ready to choose the game you wish to attend before you register.
2. Register your birthday or your child’s birthday.
3. Print the confirmation e-mail you receive after registering.
4. Bring proper ID and your confirmation e-mail to the “Happy Birthday” ticket window at Turner Field on the 2009 game date you chose.

I was prepared to be really mad about this, as my birthday falls on the day of the All-Star game this year, but according to the fine print, anyone born on any date in July can pick any July game. October-March birthdays are accommodated as well.

Not a bad promotion, really, but if the Braves keep playing two-steps-forward, three-steps-back baseball, I think I’d rather go with the Grand Slam breakfast instead. Oh, and if there are any Chi-Chi’s left I’ll get some free nachos too.

(thanks to Ben Stock for the heads up)

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13 years ago

The Orioles are doing the same thing – not sure when the Braves set up the promotion, but the Orioles have had it up since before the season started.  Quality of baseball may not be much better, but at least it’s a great park.