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Wallace Mattews pens a nasty-gram to Jason Giambi with the headline “Giambi took a lot more than he ever gave.” I guess that makes him the anti-Mandy: Technically, the signing of Mike Mussina to a six-year, $88.5-million deal after the 2000 Series may have been the first shot, but with the Giambi signing, The Boss […]

Lots of stuff goes on in the world about which most of us are unaware. Stuff like this: Nearly a decade ago, embarrassed about reports of widespread fraud in the $1-billion-per-year sports memorabilia industry — dominated by baseball and filled mostly with fakes and forgeries, according to an F.B.I. investigation — Major League Baseball did […]

When you blog, you do it from your mother’s basement. When you blog for NBC, you do it from Meredith Vieira’s basement. Wily Mo Pena signs with the Mets for the second time. Matt Cain needs to take matters into his own hands. The Boyer-Barten trade was a win-win thing, I think. Or not. Hell, […]

Jason has a mega-post on Yankee Stadium, with a very savvy observation about all those empty seats I mentioned on Sunday: even the high rollers who didn’t get laid off may have a strong incentive to avoid the high-rent district: A few weeks back, we went to a friend’s house for an afternoon. While watching […]

Tim Marchman has a list of them when it comes to baseball, including tall catchers, pinch runners, and managers in uniforms. (thanks to Pete Toms)

Pirates 8, Marlins 0: “You see? You see?! He’s not a machine, he’s a man. He’s a man!” The Pirates play Rocky to Florida’s Ivan Drago after the Nats spent the weekend as Apollo Creed. Translation for those of you under 35: The Pirates throw their third shutout in four games and put a halt […]

Sorry folks, lots of meetings and other nastiness today, so I won’t be spewing any other opinions until tomorrow morning’s recaps. Probably, anyway.

So I was playing outside with my son on Saturday. Nice sunny day here in Ohio, the kind of early Spring day on which mothers remember that sunscreen and hats and sunglasses and asbestos underwear are required lest their children immediately turn into a tumor. Bald husbands too, so Carlo (a/k/a Son of Shyster, a/k/a […]

You read something horrifying like this and your second reaction — after the horror — is to wonder how on Earth Mike Coolbaugh and Ray Chapman are the only two folks to die by thrown or batted balls in professional play. UPDATE: The estimable Mark Armour notes that (as I kind of suspected, actually, but […]

They’re too experienced and professional to actually get into a proper pissing match, but I kinda wish this little nothing of an exchange would turn into one. For one thing, it would make the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry even more interesting. For another, it would make me like Lou Piniella even more than I do. I think […]