Del Taco? Really?

Peter Gammons said something very odd over the weekend:

We know the Yankees can, will and may keep moving up to make it impossible for Sabathia to go anywhere else. We also know that Angels owner Arte Moreno can make it very difficult for anyone to say no; ask Torii Hunter after Moreno put the rush on him at the Del Taco across the street from the ballpark.

Maybe hardcore Angels fans knew this one already, but I’m a bit shocked that taking someone to Del Taco constitutes “putting the rush” on a guy. I can just see the negotiation now: “What’s it gonna take, Torii? A Macho Taco? A Triple Del? You name it, because I’m not leaving this restaurant without your name on the contract!”

This raises an additional question: Did Hunter drive a hard bargain to get there, or was Moreno just starting with Del Taco while standing ready to move up to Carl’s Jr. or In-N-Out Burger if negotiations broke down?

Joking aside, if Moreno is going to rely on fast food purchases to lure Sabathia, he may very well be topping the Yankees’ $140MM offer after all.

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14 years ago

i really miss the pictures

Craig Calcaterra
14 years ago

I understand, Eric. I’m sorry to see them go too.  But to be fair, I posted 169 times in November.  There were 21 pictures.  Three of them were screengrabs that were, in and of themselves “news” and would thus be things I would still post here.  Two were about college football, and not likely to be repeated.  Two others were from weird, personal off-topic posts in which I used my own pics and will continue to do so.  One was a paintshop job of Obama that, as a, um, newly created work of art, I could probably have used here.

That left 13 pics last month that wouldn’t otherwise run here.  Almost none of them had any independent humor or editorial value, and those that did could have easily been found through Creative Commons or some such, and thus run as well.

This probably won’t make you miss the pics any less, but they have become a less and less important part of ShysterBall as time has gone on.  If and when a pic is important and legal, I will certainly run one.

14 years ago

Maybe the Del Taco was a threat. “If you don’t sign that contract, you’ll have to eat here for the rest of the day and as long as I can physically make you. One Del Taco an hour.” At least, I would perceive it as a threat. Those places are just terrible.

Oh, and I almost got upset because I had to keep putting my personal information in the blanks (Blogger does it automatically for me), but then I realized the thing at the bottom of the comment box. All good.

14 years ago

Even though Sabathia is from NorCal, we have no chance of signing him: there is this unpleasant fast-food gap. Across the street from AT & T are upscale eateries and a Safeway. In Oakland there is nothing but the BART station.

Clearly Fisher/Wolfe need to add some fast food to their Fremont plans for Cisco Field.

14 years ago

did torii hunter also talk about how he couldnt believe how much the angels actually agreed to pay him?  there was some ridiculous quote where he basically implied that even he didn’t think the contract was a good deal for the angels and that they could have signed him for less.

14 years ago

As a SoCal resident and loyal patron of Del Taco, I will say this – you buy me a couple of Del Classic Chicken Burritos, I’ll sign anything you want.  ANYTHING.

14 years ago

if I remember correctly, they met at Del Taco so they wouldn’t get noticed, or harassed.

of course, I’d advise Moreno NOT to take CC to Del Taco when they meet .. for obvious reasons.

Jason @ IIATMS
14 years ago

Daniel’s right; Del Taco is not what we know as Taco Bell-ish.  Far superior

14 years ago

Thanks for the new content at Hardball Times.  I am a huge Baseball fan and constantly look for news out of season.  This makes numerous hits on THT daily even more rewarding now.  Thanks for the site, thanks for the new blog, and thanks for the fix.

14 years ago

apba guy- don’t count the giants out yet.  There is now a combo Louisiana Fried Chicken / Happy donut place right across the street from AT&T;park.  Fried chicken is way better than Del Taco

14 years ago

Arte Moreno made it hard for Toriiii to accept his offer because it was likely the biggest one he was going to get.

If the Dodgers are still in on CC, they need to take him to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles….

Zach Sanders
14 years ago

Sabathia would be the perfect guy to take to Del Taco! Problem is, the Angels may be forced to spend their entire FA budget on C.C.‘s burritos.

I’ve heard of teams doing strange things to lure players, but this might be the strangest.

-Zach Sanders

14 years ago

I say take CC to the Pioneer Chicken Stand and make him listen to Warren Zevon tunes ‘til he gives in and signs.

Ignatius J. Reilly
14 years ago

I cave at In-N-Out Burger. Give me a lifetime supply of double-doubles and I play for free.