Episode 7 – Jair Bogaerts

Doing it for Bartolo

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Jair Bogaerts, an agent for the Beverly Hill Sports Council and Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts’ twin brother, joins the show to talk about the growing popularity of baseball in Aruba and the life of being a young sports agent. We also talked about how the two signed with the Red Sox, being the support system for Xander during his rough 2014 season and whether he’s still trying to sign his brother as a client away from Scott Boras.

Special thanks to Ronald Jenkees for letting us use “Try The Bass” as the podcast intro music. Check out his music on iTunes.

Joon Lee writes for Over The Monster and Gammons Daily, and has interned for the Boston Herald and WEEI.com. He currently attends Cornell University, and hosts the Doing It For Bartolo podcast. Follow him on Twitter @iamjoonlee.
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6 years ago

Ronald Jenkees is the King, and currently the third best musician that ever lived behind Mozart and Rick James. Not many people know it, but Jenkees’ music is now holding the increasingly chaotic universe together by sheer force of will.

This is why the Crown Prince has been putting out his Choice Cuts of Sound periodically for the past 5, 6 years. He can’t afford to stop, really. Not only for us who’ve become addicted to his Rhythmic Offerings of Melodic Soulfood, but for the love of aliens the galaxy over who he’s never met, never will meet, and have no idea the efforts RJ puts forth to ensure their survival.

And that, my friends, is what Pure Love actually is. It’s why he’s also known as the Love Doctor. Ronald Jenkees IS the Warm Fuzzies, my friends. He IS the spring in your shock. He’s the syrup AND the foam in your latte. Ronald Jenkees brings the heat each and ever time, and that’s why he’s so far ahead of the rest of us that he’s disappeared beyond the horizon.

And, like a faithful friend, Ronald Jenkees sends back Digital Audio Portraits of what he sees out there, for without his guidance, let’s face it, we’d have no idea where to go next.

ALL HAIL THE KING: Ronald Jenkees!!