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13 years ago

Makes me smile…

13 years ago

100% correct, Craig- put the butts in the seats and sell the add-ons.  Any volume business ,needs to play to a full house.  Call me an hour before game time, Hal, I’ll be there for $99.

Patrick Murtha
13 years ago

If anyone has been wondering why some of us have defected more or less completely to minor league ball…there’s your answer. Paul Katcher is right: those photos reveal everything about “what types of ‘fan’ the Stadium was really built for.” It ain’t me, babe.

13 years ago

In the second picture, there is a woman sitting in what I count as the 15th row, right behind the dugout, with the biggest binoculars i’ve ever seen.  If you can’t see from there, those seats really aren’t worth $500.

Wooden U. Lykteneau
13 years ago

Chris – She’s looking for the Steinbrenner humility.

Pete Toms
13 years ago

This is gonna get real fun. 

Obviously the Yanks would prefer somebody in those seats, even if they gave them away, cause they might buy some sushi or somethin.

The real problem is, if the Yanks discount the seats they have to make good with the folks who paid full freight (although, they appear few).  Longer term, folks won’t buy in next season either if they anticipate the Yanks will lower the prices during the season.

But the real fun is gonna be what happens in the “secondary” market.  If the Yanks start selling discounted tickets to brokers….there is gonna be a lot of finger pointing from fans and spinning from the Yanks.  There is speculation that you could have a fan sitting in a seat he/she bought from a broker at a significantly reduced price than the fan beside them who bought from the Yanks.

I watched the game Friday and a bit of yesterdays also.  The Yanks screwed it up.  It’s WAY too easy to hit it out to right, the lower bowl is virtually empty and the place (at least to a TV viewer) seems to be strangely quiet.  I’ve been to the old stadium 4 times, and it weren’t quiet. 

Have the Yankees managed to ruin going to a Yankee game?

J. McCann
13 years ago

How funny would it be if the Yankees miss the playoffs this year and their fair weather fans start defecting?  People need to remember what the stadium was like in like 1992.

13 years ago

upon first glance: how much does it cost to admit a fan to the game, allow him to use the bathroom, clean up after him, etc?  four bucks?  anything above that is profit, so a $50 seat should be sold for $10 at the last minute instead of being left empty.

second glance: given the system described above, people will invariably try to get their $50 seats for $10 at the last minute, and seats that otherwise would’ve sold for $50 or not sold at all, would be undersold, thereby cutting into other revenues not represented accurately by the marginal cost of a single fan…

so the real value of a hypothetical empty $50 seat is … something less than $50, but certainly more than $10 or whatnot, and is likely a function of time left before the game. 

they should be sold for that price, as opposed to being left unsold.

Mike C
13 years ago

Concerning the seats…..
I bet that if the emptiness continues, this off season the Yankees remove the plush seats and replace them with regular seats. The plush seats look bigger so I think they’ll be able to get the more affordable regular seats in.

Concerning fan noise, a friend of mine went to opening day. He said everyone was seated for the first inning and then everyone wound up walking around the stadium taking it all in. He said the lines to the souvenir stores were very long, there was a line to just get in.

I would expect this to happen for awhile as new fans show up they are going to want to walk around. If the Yankees are playing in October, I am sure it will be loud.

13 years ago

hey jake…$50 seats? Try $500 seats!