Even firing Bernazard is crazy

Reader Brian is watching the press conference:

For those unable to watch the press conference, this is completely amazing. Adam Rubin of the Daily News did most of the reporting on Bernazard and Minaya just said that Rubin has lobbied in the past for a job with the Mets in player development.

So they have a split camera on Rubin while Minaya is talking and he’s practically shaking he’s so angry. And when he asked if Minaya was implying that Rubin had a personal stake in this, Minaya hemmed and hawed as he does.

This whole press conference is insane.

Does Omar not read the papers? Does he not realize that throwing such a thing out there — even if true — is going to inspire about 12 attacks a day? Is this the GM’s equivalent of suicide-by-cop?

UPDATE: Here’s the psycho press conference in question.

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Simon DelMonte
13 years ago

Have the Mets heard of this amazing thing called public relations?

Then again, I work in PR and if they offered me a job, I think I would turn it down.  And work for someone else.  Like the government of Iran.  Or Barry Bonds.

I’m having Isiah flashbacks.  This is not a good time to like the Mets.

mike in brooklyn
13 years ago


Exactly what I was thinking: Isiah.  I am not sure what I—and other Knick, Met, Jet fans—did in a former life, but it must’ve been bad.

Mercifully, it started pouring herein Brooklyn for awhile, and I lost the satellite signal.  So I didn’t actually see it.  But I got a call from telling me what happened. 


I think Omar’s days are numbered.  And, hopefully, Jeff Wilpon ain’t Dolan.

13 years ago

Give Rubin credit. The guy’s reporting took down Tony B and, based on Omar’s erratic and classless performance in front of the cameras, might ultimately lead to his demise too.

13 years ago

Here’s my best quote/foolish comment dream team of owner, GM and manager for the Mets:  Mark Cuban, Omar Minaya and Ozzie Guillen.  Add Jon Heyman as the source of all information (validity not a requirement) and the Mets would never have a day when one of the three wasn’t making the news.

13 years ago

Thank you Omar and the Wilpons for making the Mets look like clown shoes again. We have now entered the Dolan & Thomas zone with that PR event. I’ve been a Mets fan since the mid 70s….todays the first time in my life i’m thinking of rooting for the yanks.

13 years ago

It will be nice working with proper villians again.

13 years ago

On the subject of Tony Blowhard. I find it funny that only the 2 incidents are brought up. Nothing is ever said about the Billy Wagner incident. This is a guy that mouths off to wagner in the locker room that he needs to step it up and pitch better. Never mind that wagner was complaining of pain in his arm and the mets either didnt believe him or down played the injury. Guess what…Wagner needed major surgery. What ive found funny was NOT ONE player in the locker room stood up to this guy. That shows no leadership. You think jeter would let that go on?

Every team knows the mets minor league operation is bare and run badly. They have a guy in the DR(pena) that is hated. Why the hell would you put someone thats hated in the DR leagues to head ur scouting there.

The Wilpons love the old brooklyn dodgers. Well, next time the dodgers are up for sale…please buy them and sell the mets. You guys are just as clueless as the Dolans are with the garden.

13 years ago

At least the Mets are entertaining off the field.

13 years ago

We need Tim Roth from the craptastic Fox show in here, stat!  Seems the Mets’ front office is sinking to depths I thought only the Nationals’ front office could go to.  Mazal tov!

Aaron Moreno
13 years ago

It looked like Omar was so pissed about Tony B. getting knocked around that he had no choice: fire Bernazard because he was a screw-up, and hammer Rubin for airing the dirty laundry.

Watch the Rubin comments afterward. However he parses it, you can tell he was angling for a job with the Mets. If he wanted that job, it would expected that he wouldn’t make negative reports about the inner workings of the organization. At least, that’s what I think was going on in Omar’s head.

mike in brooklyn
13 years ago


believe it or not, i have never heard that story re: wagner.  how did this guy get away with that crap?

although i can’t agree with your comments re: jeter.  does jeter have some sort of history of standing up to the front office that i don’t know about?

13 years ago

This is more like suicide after taking out a cop first.

A paper with journalistic principles would immediately take Rubin off Mets duty (maybe the DN could use more Red Bulls reporting), but this is a NY tabloid we’re talking about.

Jorge Says No
13 years ago

What a shame. Rubin is one of the best in the business at covering the Mets.

Only the Mets.

13 years ago

lol, Omar looked like he was about to cry at the start.  So Rubin got rid of Bernazard, and now has the train rolling on Omar.  Man, as a Mets fan, if he can get the Wilpons to sell the team, I’d vote him for the Pulitzer prize or something.