Fun Stuff

Two fun things, actually, both found via Brew Crew Ball:

1. Oil Can Boyd wants a tryout. With all of the dudes gone to pitch in the WBC, Florida and Arizona vacationers are getting rooked as it is, so why not give Oil Can a look? It’ll be fun.

2. K-Rod is experimenting with red contact lenses. They will look insanely cool and intimidating when he locks down a save. They will look laugh-out-loud funny when he blows one. As with Boyd, though, sure, give it a whirl. The world has been a drag lately. Let’s have some fun.

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The Common Man
15 years ago

I love Oil Can Boyd.  The dude is straight up insane.  I hope he makes it and wins the comeback player of the year award.  Can he and Julio Franco play for the same team?

Wooden U. Lykteneau
15 years ago

For the record, Oil Can Bod HAS pitched since 1991, pitching in the Northern League in ‘94 and ‘95, the Northeast League in ‘96 and ‘97 and the Can Am League in ‘05. I seriously doubt his velocity has returned to the low-90s; he was barely cracking 80 in ‘05, but he did pitch well enough to make the league’s All Star Game.

15 years ago

Someone should tell Frankie that he isn’t the first guy to do this, and that it’s silly. I know Kyle Vanden Bosch of my beloved Titans does this, and I have always found it to be silly.