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Alas, I am no Bob Feller. But you’re not paying 10 cents to read this, so we’ll call it even. (via the Digital Comic Museum)

Hello, readers of The Hardball Times! My name is Rachael McDaniel. You may already know me from the handful of things I’ve written for FanGraphs over the past several months, or from the handfuls of things I’ve written elsewhere over the past several years, including here. Starting today, though, you will be getting to know me as the new managing editor of The Hardball Times.

Over the course of its existence, now spanning over a decade, The Hardball Times has consistently hosted some of the most inventive and intelligent baseball analysis on the internet. Considering the amount of inventive and intelligent baseball analysis that one can find on the internet, this has been no small feat. Following Paul Swydan’s departure, the site continued its remarkable run of quality under the vigilant stewardship of Meg Rowley, and now that Meg must turn her gaze to other pastures, I hope to maintain and build upon the foundation of excellence that has already been laid.

THT’s format of one long-form piece published every day has allowed for unparalleled depth and breadth of baseball exploration, spanning a range of subjects, forms, and media that reflects the richness of the sport itself. I’m so excited to continue these deep dives with THT’s established contributors, as well as hearing from new voices. Because there’s so much for us to talk about, and so much for us to discover. There are physical and chemical analyses, statistical and emotional breakthroughs, long-forgotten careers and low-leverage plate appearances. There are cartoons and scouting reports, swing changes and movie scripts, tiny tragedies and even tinier triumphs. Baseball is weird. Let’s get weird.

Rachael is the current managing editor of The Hardball Times and dilettante-in-residence at FanGraphs. Previous work can be found at Baseball Prospectus, VICE Sports, and The Hardball Times.
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Alexandra Simon

“Let’s get weird.”

Yessss. This is exactly what I’m here for. 😀

Psychic... Powerless...
Psychic... Powerless...

Congrats! I hope you’ll continue to write articles as well.