IIATMS has lunch with Kyle Blanks

Jason has way more interesting vacations than I do. Hell, even when I go to San Diego like he did, I just end up hanging out at the In-N-Out Burger where my brother works until his shift is up and then we go drink beers by the beach until the sun comes up.

Wait, come to think of it, my San Diego vacations are pretty good too.

As for Jason’s trip, after looking at the pictures of Blanks, I am struggling to see how that much mass was accelerated to a point where it could hit an inside-the-park home run last week.

Also, it’s cute how Matt Latos and Colby Rasmus were hitting on Jason’s wife without him realizing it. No worries, though, Jason. Even though they’re young and athletic and rich and stuff, I’m sure Mrs. IIATMS still pretty much loves you.

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Jason @ IIATMS
14 years ago

They were behind a fence and for all I know, she was hitting on them.

And if it got 2 autographed baseballs for my boys, I’m OK with that.