Introducing THT Forecasts

Just in time for the start of Spring Training, I’m excited to present to you the newest Hardball Times offering—THT Forecasts.

In a partnership with Brian Cartwright, the brilliant inventor of the Oliver projection system, we have produced forecasts for over 7,000 major and minor league players. For each player, Brian has provided us with detailed projections for the next six years, along with raw statistics and major league equivalencies for each of the past three seasons. This includes hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics, and coming soon, base running as well.

Our fielding data is based on Brian’s own play-by-play system, and we’re also adding together all of this data to give you both actual (for past seasons) and projected wins above replacement (WAR), so that you can see just how valuable each player has been in the past, and how much value we expect him to have in the future. All of these are things you won’t find anywhere else.

Most importantly, these are not just some static forecasts that will lose all value once season the starts. Instead, we will be providing complete updates of our projections every week, taking into account every single thing that has happened on the field until that point. Wondering if a player will keep up his hot start or bust out of his slump? There’ll be no need to play guessing games anymore. We’re not implementing any shortcuts, either: Each update will use the same projection engine that we use in the off-season.

And to give our projections context, we’ve also partnered with the fabulous THT Fantasy staff to provide weekly updated depth chart projections. So you not only get a computer-generated projection for each player but also a forecast that incorporates the player’s actual expected playing time to tell you how much he’ll actually be contributing at the major league level. And again, the depth charts will be updated every week to make sure you have the freshest information possible.

We’re still not done, though. We’ve recruited 30 of the best bloggers (list below) from around the internet to provide us with commentary on over 1,300 players—and once the season starts, they’ll be providing fresh remarks so that you not only get our objective forecast, but the kind of subjective knowledge you can only get from people who watch these players day-in and day-out.

If you’re a baseball fan (and reading this site pretty much automatically means you are), you will love THT Forecasts, and with so much stuff (and weekly updates!), you will never get bored of it. And I say this without mentioning all the cool stuff we’ll be adding over the coming days, weeks, and months. All of this you can purchase right now for just $14.95.

We know that in a recession, money is tight, but that is why we’re offering the lowest price we possibly can. The price will go up next year (especially considering that we’ll be launching the 2011 version of THT Forecasts quite a bit earlier than this season), but if you purchase this year, we’ll keep the purchase price the same for you next year as well. That’s almost as good a value as Albert Pujols!

Just to recap, here is a partial list of what you will get with THT Forecasts:

{exp:list_maker}Oliver projections for the next six years for over 7,000 major and minor league players. These projections include hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics (the latter based on Brian Cartwright’s own play-by-play system), wins above replacement (WAR) projections, and coming soon, base running as well. You can read more about Oliver here.
Raw statistics for the past three years, including all the statistical categories listed above.
Major league equivalencies (MLEs) for the past three seasons, so you can see not just a player’s raw past statistics, but also how his numbers look adjusted for context.
Depth chart projections to tell you just how much of an impact a player will make at the major league level this season.
Over 1,300 player comments (and counting) from the best team bloggers on the internet, to give you a more subjective look at just about every player that matters.
And all of the above, updated each and every week, from now until October.
Plus, many more features, such as projected standings and personal player watch lists, with more to come very soon.
All of this is available for just $14.95. So subscribe now! Or, subscribe to THT Forecasts and receive the Hardball Times Annual 2011 as soon as it is released this fall for just $34.95 ($39.95 for Canadian residents).

If you’re not convinced yet, we’ve made all the New York Yankee pages free for your perusal so that you can take a look at what we’re offering before you subscribe. It’s a sneak peak we know no baseball fan will be able to resist.

The player comment authors are,

Baltimore Orioles, Stacey Long, Camden Chat
Boston Red Sox, Evan Brunell, The Hardball Times
New York Yankees, SG, Replacement Level Yankees Weblog
Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Cork Gaines, Rays Index
Toronto Blue Jays, Jonathan Hale, The Hardball Times

Chicago White Sox, Mike Pindelski
Cleveland Indians, Ryan Richards, Let’s Go Tribe
Detroit Tigers, Brian Borawski, Tiger Blog
Kansas City Royals, Bradford Doolittle, Sports Radio KC
Minnesota Twins, Parker Hageman, Over the Baggy

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Sean Smith, Anaheim Angels All the Way
Oakland Athletics, Sal Baxamusa, The Hardball Times
Seattle Mariners, Jeff Sullivan, Lookout Landing
Texas Rangers, Scott Lucas, The Ranger Rundown

A Hardball Times Update
Goodbye for now.

Atlanta Braves, John Beamer, The Hardball Times
Florida Marlins, Alex Carver
New York Mets, Eric Simon, Amazin’ Avenue
Philadelphia Phillies, Corey Seidman, Phillies Nation
Washington Nationals, Chris Needham, Capitol Punishment

Chicago Cubs, Harry Pavlidis, Cubs f/x
Cincinnati Reds, Justin Inaz, Red Reporter
Houston Astros, Lisa Gray, The Astros Dugout
Milwaukee Brewers, Eric Johnson, Brew Crew Ball
Pittsburgh Pirates, Pat Lackey, Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke
St. Louis Cardinals, Larry Borowsky, Viva El Birdos

Arizona Diamondbacks, Jim McLennan, Arizona Snake Pit
Colorado Rockies, Brandi Griffin, Purple Row
Los Angeles Dodgers, Eric Stephen, True Blue LA
San Diego Padres, Geoff Young, Ducksnorts
San Francisco Giants, Steve Treder, The Hardball Times

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Mitch W
Mitch W

Sweet. Just read this and immediately ordered!

Most amazing part, you didn’t mention, is that you guys are doing this from the future. I went straight to the Justin Upton page (keeper), and it said his forecast was updated on 5/22/2010! Very impressive. smile


This is really great!

Lucky Strikes
Lucky Strikes

Wow, this is pretty awesome.  Will the six year projections change in real time too based on current stats during a given year? Just looking at the Yankee examples, Jesus Montero looks like Miguel Cabrera (or better).  Is that right? Almost .700 SLG at age 25? Can you really predict that with confidence this early?

David Gassko
David Gassko


They absolutely will. Jesus Montero’s projection looks high to me—and we’re looking into that—but he is absolutely a huge hitting prospect.

John Bales
John Bales

I just subscribed to the Forecasts.  When will I have access?  I can’t get on right now.

David Gassko
David Gassko

Hey John,

You should have immediate access. Please try logging out and logging in, and if it still doesn’t work, e-mail me at


If you posted a sample forecast for a few players, you may whip up more purchasing interest (particularly mine).

David Gassko
David Gassko

Hey chattanooga,

You can access the forecasts for any Yankee player—that’s a lot of sampling! If you want someone specific who’s not on the Yankees, let me know.


whoops.  somehow, I overlooked the last line of the article.