It’s A Funny Funny Game


Missing one element of seeing World Series banners flapping in the wind….

Candlestick Park opens April 12th

It doubled as a beanbag chair….

O’s manager Paul Richard’s designs a catcher’s mitt 50″ in circumference to handle Hoyt Wilhelm’s knuckleball

Making an ass of the A’s….

Charlie O Finley buys the Kansas City A’s from the estate of Arnold Johnson

Jerry saves….

Jerry Holtzman of the Chicago Sun Times helps initiate the crediting of relief saves


Cubs trade Ron Perranoski and two other players to the Dodgers for Don Zimmer

What have you Dunn?

Pancho Herrera whiffs 136 times….an NL record for a 154-game season

Check the job description dude…

Elmer Valo walks 18 times as a pinch hitter


A Hardball Times Update
Goodbye for now.

What are you doing with that bottle Mr. Reilly?

Roger Maris hits 61 HR

Crazy eights….

Instead of a manager, the Cubs try eight coaches

Eddie Waitkus would’ve shot himself….

Phillies lose 23 straight

Bud Selig: “I didn’t do it!!!!!!!”

All Star game ends in a 1-1 tie after rain hits

Maybe he should’ve invested in air conditioner stock instead….

Ty Cobb dies


The spirit of Dusty Baker…

The Washington Senators’ Tom Cheney K’s 21 Orioles in 16-inning game

Bo knows no-no’s….

Bo Belinsky no-hits Orioles on May 5

Pull the pitcher then pull my finger….

Pirates’ reliever Diomedes Olivo makes his major league debut at age….43

In this case, ‘DH’ could mean ‘didn’t hit’…..

Cub pitcher Bob Buhl goes 0-for-70 at the plate for the season

Control freak….

KC A’s Bill Fischer pitches 84.1 straight innings without issuing a base on balls

Home cooker….

The Giants’ Billy Pierce has 12 starts at Candlestick Park and goes 12-0

Fitting in….

New York Mets’ pitcher Craig Anderson loses 16 straight


Improving on imperfection…..

Mets’ pitcher Roger Craig loses 18 straight

Road worriers…

Mets lose 22 straight on the road

As seen on the ‘Home Shopping Network’….

Pete Rose wins the NL ROTY award

Making the commentators life difficult….

On September 13, the Giants briefly have an outfield of Alou-Alou-Alou

And he went on the DL with whiplash….

The Tribe goes back-to-back-to-back-to-back off Angel Paul Foytack

Keeping Ty company…..

Rogers Hornsby dies

Why you should never sleep with the manager’s wife….

Astro John Paciorek goes 3-for-3 with 4 runs scored, 3 RBI, two walks in his major league debut….and never plays another ML game


Perfecting futility…

Mets are swept by Giants in 10.5 hour doubleheader

Bunker mentality…..

19 year old Oriole Wally Bunker wins 19 and is out of the majors by age 27

Teeny bopper….

Tony Conigliaro blasts 24 HR and slugs .530 as a 19-year-old

When substance abuse is the only logical solution…..

Casey Stengel’s Mets lose 340 games over their first three seasons

It seemed like a good idea at the time (seriously)….

Cubs trade Lou Brock, Jack Spring and Paul Toth to the Cardinals for Ernie Broglio, Bobby Shantz and Doug Clemens

With a name like that, you expect perfection….

Giants’ Jesus Alou goes 6-for-6 on July 10

But not the last….

Masanori Murakami becomes first Japanese-born major leaguer


Cubs Ken Hubbs dies in a private plane crash

Gag reflex….

Phillies blow the NL flag after leading by 6.5 games with 12 to play

If they’d won the World Series, they’d have shot him….

Yogi Berra wins the AL pennant as a rookie manager and is fired


Jesse Orosco called him “Junior”….

Satchel Paige tosses three scoreless innings for the A’s against Boston. He is somewhere between 58-65 years old at the time

Keep On Sucking….

Mets lose 112 games giving them 452 losses over their first four years

Spiking the dinks….

Spike Eckert replaces Ford “Astor” Frick as baseball’s lackey, er….commissioner

Baby boomer….

Boston’s Tony Conigliaro becomes youngest homer champ (32 HR) at age 20

Bats in the Blefary….

O’s Curt Blefary is named AL ROTY after hitting 22 HR

Wouldn’t you have to eat 33 baseballs first?….

White sox catcher J.C. Martin is charged with 33 passed balls

Salary crap….

The average salary in MLB is $17,000

Thou shalt not….not….

Gus Triandos retires with a record 1206 consecutive games without being caught stealing. His career number of SB? One

Whatever works…..

On September 3, the Dodgers use four pitchers to blank the Astros the day after they used three hurlers to shut them out


It’s Miller time!….

Marvin Miller elected executive director of the MLBPA

And the truth shall set you free….

The Yankees fire Red Barber after he points out the sparse crowd at Yankee Stadium

DH my….

Braves pitcher Tony Cloninger blasts two grand slams on July 3

OK do it again!….

Reds’ Art Shamsky enters game as pinch hitter and ends up with 3 HR on August 12


Red Sox know Dick all….

Dick Williams leads Red Sox to “Impossible Dream” pennant

Couldn’t they have called it a draw?….

NL wins All Star game in 15 innings. Tony Perez homers to win it.

Was it a reward or a punishment?….

Mets trade Bill Denehy and $100,000 to Washington for Gil Hodges who will manage the Mets


The Cubs’ Ken Holtzman starts the season 9-0 then is called into military service

Great! Now we can pay A-Rod….

Television revenue hits $25 million

Before BALCO….

The AL bats .236

Will hit-and-run for food….

The Mets use 54 different players over course of season


On September 16, the White Sox use four pinch runners in one inning



Astros beat Mets 1-0 in 24 innings on April 15

We’ll never see another….

Denny McLain (31-6) is first 30-game winner since Dizzy Dean

How on earth did he lose nine games?….

Bob Gibson goes 22-9 with a 1.12 ERA

Orel history….

Don Drysdale pitches 58 consecutive scoreless innings

The slide of the Yankees….

The Bronx Bombers(?) hit .225 as a team

One man gang….

Catfish Hunter of the A’s throws a perfect game and garners 3 hits and 4 RBI on May 8

As seen on e-Bay….

Pete Rose wins first batting crown

Rick Reilly asked him to autograph a specimen bottle….

Frank Howard hits 10 HR over six games

Memo to Leo Durocher: “bite me”….

Cubs catcher Randy Hundley catches 160 games


Baseball, eh?….

MLB goes international as Montreal Expos begin play

The owners celebrated Marvin Miller’s birthday by getting him a punching bag….

Bowie Kuhn hired as baseball’s commissioner

When Flood-gate didn’t involve Roberto Alomar….

Cardinal Curt Flood sues organized baseball after being traded to Phillies

Acting upon a common impulse….

Twins’ manager Billy Martin beats up own pitcher (Dave Boswell)

Sunshine, daisies, and happiness…..

KC Royals’ Lou Piniella wins AL ROTY

When New York City officially ran out of virgins….

Joe Pepitone traded to Astros for Curt Blefary

What’s next? The Red Sox winning the World Series?….

The Amazin’ Mets win the NL pennant and go on to upset the Orioles in the Fall Classic

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