Joba for Halladay?

That’s what Lord Haw Haw is Tweeting this evening:

#yankees might – repeat, might – consider giving up joba for #halladay. but wont entertain request of joba & hughes.

Whatever. It’s crazy season and guys like Heyman Tweeting whatever they overhear in the men’s room just add to the glory of it all. Even the stuff with two hypothetical qualifiers in it (might! consider!).

(I’m not a member of Twitter Nation, so thanks to Kevin Rozell for the heads up)

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14 years ago

Does twitting prevent the proper use of grammer and punctuation?  I mean, the education system is bad enough without encouraging kids to be stupid.

Nick Whitman
14 years ago

Capital letters are so last century.

Nick Whitman
14 years ago

I’m hoping that the much-ballyhooed crunch on print media puts this jackass out of a job sooner rather than later.

Kevin S.
14 years ago

Wait, so is he trying to say that Joba is more touchable than Hughes?  Or was Hughes already on the table, and he was just saying they wouldn’t give up both?  I’ve said this before, but fair value from the Yanks would be Montero, Jackson, one of Joba/Hughes, and a high-upside guy from the low minors.  Kind of doubt the two teams would come to an agreement like that, but that’s what it should take.

Garrett Cull
14 years ago

Jays should trade Halladay & Wells for Austin Jackson , Brett Gardner , Phil Hughes & Melancon .

Wooden U. Lykteneau
14 years ago

Craig – If they ever make “Twitter: The Movie” it’ll be about 12 seconds long. In fact, I think it’s already been done.

Greg Simons
14 years ago

I’m with you completely, Ron.

Anyone know what the # means?

14 years ago

When you consider that taking on Vernon Wells means that you are basically giving the Blue Jays $100 million, throwing in any sort of prospect would be practically criminal, Doc or no Doc.

14 years ago

The # is just a tag, so if you were to search all tweets for yankees or hallady this tweet would come up. AFAIK