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Chris H.
13 years ago

Wanna bet?  What if Omar goes out and signs Steve Trachsel?

13 years ago

“There really is nothing else that can hurt you this year.”

Umm Phils-Yanks world series.  Bam, right in the fandom.

Simon DelMonte
13 years ago

After all we’ve been through this season, DON’T SAY THAT!

That said, I just take solace in knowing that the Mets are nowhere near as messed up as another team I love, hockey’s Islanders.

13 years ago

Great…my fantasy team is screwed.

13 years ago

Honestly I had long since given up on this season.  As long as Santana will be back for April next year I’m not concerned.

13 years ago

I’m guessing Omar lets both Beltran and Wright back on the field, and within 2 games Wright has a head-first collision with Beltran’s knee, at which point Tim Teufel will spontaneously combust.

mike in brooklyn
13 years ago

I found the solution to a Yanks-Phils series, Max!  I just booked a cruise for that week!  HA!  So what if it’s hurricane season?  You think that’s a worse fate than watching Yanks and Phils?  Well, it ain’t!

Gentlemen, it’s been an honor commenting with you this season…

13 years ago

Mike in brooklynn –

Is the name of the cruise ship a synonym for the word “huge”?  You know, like The Gigantic?  Or The Enormous?  Or something to that effect?

13 years ago

Well, Sheffield just left the game with an undisclosed injury….is K-Rod the only one on the starting roster that hasn’t done a DL stint yet?

13 years ago

Ralph, Castillo didn’t actually go on the DL for his “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” incident.  Then there’s Murphy.  The only durable one is the one with the negative value.

Mike, I was in Paris for most of the ‘07 collapse.  I applaud your decision.

13 years ago

This entry got quoted on Sportscenter this morning.  Not sure if you saw that, Craig.

13 years ago

“Rest now, Mets fans. There really is nothing else that can hurt you this year.”

There’s plenty of time for Francoeur to get a nice multiyear contract as reward for his impressive performance as a Met

13 years ago

why do we care about the Mets?  There are many other teams that are much better at sucking completely!