Standings Gain Points project

Last week, I briefly discussed the Standings Gain Points valuation method. This method has to be the greatest, most logical way of valuing players I’ve ever heard of.

What Standings Gain Points essentially do is help you compare the value of, say, one home run to one RBI. Once you get a relative value for every category, you can then weight every players performance in those categories to get his overall contribution to your team’s success. Using this method better allows us to get a gauge on which players are helping our team the most. It helps answer long-debated questions like “What’s more valuable, a steal or a home run?” Standings Gain Points gives us the answer to this question, and many more!

However, the answer to these types of questions varies by league type. A steal in a six-team mixed league might be wildly more or less valuable than a steal in a 20-team AL-only league. That’s where you guys come in. In order to calculate Standings Gain Points, you need to have the standings from an actual league to base them off of. And the more standings we have for a particular league type, the more accurate our SGPs are going to be.

So I am hoping to start a project to accumulate a large number of standings from all different different kinds of league. Once I get a bunch, I’ll use them all to come up with overall SGP values for each type of league, which I’ll release to you guys to use for valuing your own players.

To make this project a success, though, I’m going to need your help. I’d like you guys to send me the final standings from every league you played in this year (or in past years, if you have them), along with the basic setup of the league. When sending these, please don’t send them to my normal e-mail address. I’d prefer not to have my regular inbox fill up with these. Instead, please send them to

For the league standings, I’m going to need a breakdown of each category. For example, for home runs, I would need the following:

Home Runs
Team 1	300
Team 2	255
Team 3	276
Team 4	240
Team 5	290

For batting average, ERA, WHIP, or any other ratio stats—in addition to the above information for the category—I would also really appreciate if you could get each team’s total at-bats and total innings pitched. If you’re using other ratio stats that don’t use at-bats or innings pitched (maybe you use a stat that uses plate appearances), I’d like to get each team’s total for those stats as well.

I’d need that for every category your league plays with, as well as the following information about the league itself:
1) AL, NL, or mixed league
2) Number of teams in league
3) Positions used, and how many of each position (i.e. two catchers)

This might sound like a lot of work, but really, it’s only going to be two or three minutes. And it will be worth it. This is the best valuation method I’ve ever read about, and I believe that this will end up being an invaluable resource for all of us.

Remember, when you send these in, please send them to this address:

A preemptive thank you to everyone who participates in this. Thank you!

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