The nominees for most disappointing player of the year

If you haven’t already heard, a man crush of mine, Jordan Zimmermann, is having Tommy John surgery. We’re all hoping for a speedy and successful recovery. All you Top 100 followers, take note. This procedure will drop him completely from the Top 100 list, which will be updated next week. That’s why it’s always a bigger risk to invest in a pitcher rather than a position player.

Last week, I brought you the nominees for Minor League Player of the Year. Lets visit the other end of the spectrum, shall we? Here are your nominees for Most Disappointing Player of the Year.

Jeremy Jeffress
Everyone had high hopes for the hard-throwing Jeffress. His velocity was through the roof. His control … not so much. But we all did have those high hopes, didn’t we? Well, Jeffress fell flat on his face, in more ways than one. His walk rate gave the Brewers’ front office nightmares, and his extracurricular activities even more so. Jeffress is currently serving a 100-game suspension for testing positive for an illegal substance. One more suspension means a lifetime ban. Jeffress went from being one of the more raw, talented pitching prospects in the game to a guy that wouldn’t even make an appearance on a Brewers top prospect list.

Jason Donald
Donald was featured on many publications’ top 100 list at the beginning of the year, and rightfully so. His 2008 performance pointed toward a young man with solid big league tools, including a solid glove at shortstop, average contact skills, average plate discipline, a bit of pop in his bat, and speed enough to contribute a handful of steals. All in all, his tools equaled out to an above average major league shortstop. This year, he has had a hard time staying above the Mendoza line and his power production has nose-dived. He was traded to Cleveland in the Cliff Lee deal, which means the Indians must see something in him. But in another month he will be 25 years old and finishing up a cringe-inducing Triple-A season. I don’t see much to like anymore.

Kyle Skipworth
Skipworth’s stat line says it all. Every bit of it makes me shake my head. Well, except for the seven home runs over 264 at-bats, which is a good sign for a 19-year-old catcher. I always have to keep his age in perspective, otherwise there is absolutely nothing there to like. This former first round pick is going the wrong way. The next Max Sapp, perhaps? There is still time to turn it around.

Michael Main
I really thought this would be Main’s breakout campaign. Unfortunately, the young man took a step backward. While he is playing in the California League, a notorious hitter friendly environment, there is no excuse for a kid with his stuff putting up 45 strikeouts and 36 walks over 54 innings of work, not even the strange, undiagnosed illness he has suffered through. But there is still potential, of course.

Mike Moustakas
Moustakas has not taken the step forward that everyone expected. His contact skills are still a question mark, his patience at the plate a liability, and his baserunning skills a work in progress. Combine that with his now permanent move to third base, and you have yourself a disappointing year. But the wrist speed and power are still present, and they will carry his reputation going forward.

Still in the picture:
Lars Anderson
Max Ramirez
Aaron Hicks
Eric Hosmer
J.P. Arencibia

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Jeremy B.
14 years ago

I would really like to see 3 rookie batters named Matt added to this list.  Two-thirds of the way through the season I vowed to avoid all rookie batters named Matt after enduring tours with these three:

Matt LaPorta
Matt Joyce*
Matt Wieters

*I’m not sure if Joyce is technically a rookie, but I feel comfortable calling him a rookie batter based on his time in the show this year.

14 years ago

Keep in mind that Jason Donald went on the DL on 6/12 for knee surgery and didn’t return until 7/28. I don’t know how long he played with the injury, but it might account for his poor start.

Mike Eller
14 years ago

I don’t really think that LaPorta has been disappointed. If I were him I would have stopped trying completely. There’s no reason Trevor Crowe or Andy Marte should have been called up instead of him.

Jim Callis has to be pretty sad seeing Moustakas on that list.

14 years ago

I suppose he’s slowly slipped off everyone’s radar but how about Adam Miller? He’s certainly been one of the more disappointing, or at least frustrating, prospects of the decade as he has found new and ridiculous ways to get hurt each and every season.

Mike Eller
14 years ago

I agree with Miller. I admit I do not have the greatest knowledge of minor league baseball, but I doubt there has ever been a prospect as good as Miller who was derailed by such an odd injury. Dude hasn’t been truly healthy since 2006.

14 years ago

Never mind how Jim Callis feels.  Imagine how Royals fans feel seeing their 2007 and 2008 number one picks both appear on this list.

Travis M. Nelson
14 years ago

I guess you left him off the list because he’s been in the majors more than the minors this year, but you’d have to say David Price has been a huge disappointment this season. 

After all the hype, his performance in Sept ‘08 and in the playoffs, and being named the #2 overall prospect by Baseball America, a lot was expected of him, but his ERA is over 5.00 and he’s got only three Quality Starts in 14 outings.  That’s got to be among the most disappointing prospects in the game, and a big part of the reason the rays aren’t contending for the AL East like people thought they would.

14 years ago

How about Andrew Brackman?  His numbers are pathetic now, after starting off decent.  While, yes he is coming of major surgery and all, still a huge disappointment. 

Miller is another one, great stuff, just can’t stay healthy.

14 years ago

GO ROYALS!!!  Dayton Moore’s draft process is awesome!!