The paperless clubhouse

The Mets have removed the New York Post and Daily News from the clubhouse. Here’s one interpretation:

The Mets consider their players’ psyches so fragile that they no longer provide copies of The Post or the other New York tabloid in their Citi Field clubhouse. The newspapers were a staple of the Mets’ clubhouse for decades at Shea Stadium, but a source said team management didn’t want the players exposed to the “bad vibes” from the tabloids after back-to-back September collapses.

Here’s another: there’s only, like, four guys over the age of 35 on that team. One of them is Gary Sheffield, and I don’t feature him as a big reader. Another is Ken Takahashi, who probably isn’t a big English reader (not that the Post counts as English). The rest of the team probably does what the rest of us in the ballplayer demographic do: get our information from the web on the day the news breaks rather than wait until the next day to see it in print.

You’re not under attack, tabloids. You’re becoming irrelevant, at least in hard copy form.

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Craig Calcaterra
13 years ago

Note: I’ll admit I’m being a snotty blogger here, and yes, if I had to guess, the Mets probably did remove the tabloids because they didn’t want their players reading that junk.  Doesn’t mean that the tabloids, along with every other hard copy paper, aren’t becoming irrelevant.

Wooden U. Lykteneau
13 years ago

Well, it was either that or they were afraid of what might happen if the papers were to be strewn across the floor and discovering which players were and were not (club)housebroken.

13 years ago

They left them the USA Today, though. That paper’s the most irrelevant of all of them.

13 years ago

Well, at least we know one Yankee is always caught up on the NY tabloids.  I won’t link to the full story since this is a family blog but here’s an excerpt from S-Rob’s book courtesy of the NY Post in an article titled “Horny A-Rod a Lap Dunce”:

Roberts writes of a staffer on A-Rod’s payroll who was in charge, each morning, of delivering The Post to Rodriguez on a breakfast tray:

“One day, the employee charged with that task had doodled horns on a photo of Madonna,” Roberts wrote. “Alex fired him.”

13 years ago

Fragile psyches?  Good lord, I’m bummed that I missed the days of baseball when players were actual men.  They should be able to grow up and take whatever they read without it messing with their precious ‘psyches.’  Enough’s enough, man.