The Red Sox tried to get Hanley Ramirez

This makes no sense, but a deal obviously didn’t happen, so it probably doesn’t matter anyway. And the more I think about it, the more I believe that it’s a leak, the sole purpose of which is to make those Red Sox fans who care about such things think that their team is actually doing something this offseason besides being lapped by the Yankees.

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14 years ago

If we assume Lowell is in rough shape, it’s not a bad idea to try to pick up Hanley.  He’s an abysmal SS from a range perspective, but if moved to third he should fare better.  Asking for Ellsbury though, after the Sox have traded Crisp, is pretty much a conversation-ender though.  So I’m not surprised the Marlins weren’t interested.

Craig Calcaterra
14 years ago

And the Marlins have Maybin anyway, so why would they even ask for Ellsbury?

My guess is that this is made up out of whole cloth by someone close to the Red Sox.

Alex K
14 years ago

I’m not sure why the Marlins would even consider moving Hanley.  They just signed him long term last year.  So basically they have a super star player under contract through at least his arbitation years (I don’t remember how long the deal was) for a price they can obviously afford.  Wouldn’t make sense to move that player unless you got totally blown away.  Where would the Sox have to start?  Bucholz and Ellsbury?  One of their 1B prospects and Buchloz?  Lester and something else?

Zach Sanders
14 years ago

Wouldn’t that be a great deal for the Sox? They would be able to play either Hanley or Lowrie at third, and have a powerful and versatile infield. I still don’t like them giving up Bucholtz, but if you can get Hanley it is worth it.

-Zach Sanders

Web Marketing Jim
14 years ago

I’d have love to been able to snag Hanley back.

He’s young and plays great D.

14 years ago

Ha!  The whole thing reads like a press release.  I’m shocked it wasn’t a Peter Gammons or Seth Mnookin report.

(I think the surest sign that it was leaked for the Red Sox’s benefit is that last line.  “Oh and btw we have a better shortstop anyway, Jed Lowrie rox!!!”)

Mike Ketchen
14 years ago

“besides being lapped by the Yankees” Really? Laped? you are that confident in the yanks right now eh? Just throwing out the fact Burnett never has thrown 200IP back to back or the fact Jeter, Matsui, Posada, Cano and Swisher all posted wOBA under .350 and they are awful defensively. Yup, def laped for sure.