Episode 41: Baseball on the Field and In the Court

JenSarah and Mary discuss articles from the week of Mar. 19, 2018. Other topics include two big injury news, the rulings on the Steven Wright domestic violence case and the Miguel Sano sexual assault case, the Braves having Ronald Acuña start the season in Triple-A, and the Rangers’ new ballpark fare.

FanGraphs legal contributor Sheryl Ring joins THT Audio this episode to discuss the minor league wage exemption in the recent Congressional spending bill and how it affects minor league baseball players and independent leagues.

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I didn’t appreciate the uninformed propaganda about Steven Wright’s domestic abuse case. Research the topic before making untrue unsubstantiated claims that could potentially hurt someone’s image just so you can push your narrative. MLB has a lot of work to do in this area, but spreading misinformation doesn’t help and makes you look extremely unprofessional.