Episode 45: An Assortment of Trailblazers

JenSarah and Mary discuss the articles from Apr. 9, 2018. Other topics include baseball brawls, Joe Mauer’s 2,000th career hit, and MLB’s Trailblazer Series taking place this weekend.

THT Audio is joined by Hardball Times writer and this month’s FanGraphs resident Shakeia Taylor to discuss writing, exploring representation in baseball research, the goings on in baseball as a whole, and an update on the fundraising efforts mentioned in her first piece for her residency. She also shares an exclusive story about the Jackie Robinson Foundation fundraiser she was a part of on Apr. 14.

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0:00 — Intro
0:37 — Basebrawls
5:10 — Joe Mauer’s career milestone
9:07 — MLB’s Trailblazer Series
14:39 — Intro to Shakeia Taylor and the surprise at the Nisei Lounge
19:50 — Shakeia’s initial reaction to being asked to be a FanGraphs resident
21:38 — What went into Shakeia’s selection of topics and writing about the Black community and baseball
24:22 — An update on the fundraising efforts
25:52 — What can MLB and baseball do better to honor Jackie Robinson?
37:58 — What to expect from Shakeia’s work the last half of the residency
41:08 — What’s up for Shakeia after the residency
43:55 — Twitter questions
53:16 — A recap of the previous week’s articles
56:14 — A look at the upcoming week’s articles

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