Episode 61: The Scioscia-l Network

JenSarah, and Mary discuss the biggest moves of the trade deadline, Adam Jones donating to Mamie Johnson Little League’s travel fund, Mike Scioscia’s alleged planned retirement at the end of the season, and the divisional races heading to the final months of the season.

Jenn Rubenstein of Queer Fancy Stats joins THT Audio to discuss ways fans can deal with the recent rash of bigoted tweets resurfacing.

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0:00 — Intro
0:36 — The rundown
1:10 — And you get a trade and you get a trade
16:02 — Jenn Rubenstein interview
33:41 — Adam Jones is good and pure
34:31 — Mike Scioscia’s alleged planned retirement, or “poppycock.”
40:02 — Divisional races
55:43 — This Week In Baseball

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