Episode 84: Venus Over Rising Pluto

JenSarah, and Mary are joined by Eireann Dolan and Sean Doolittle in the conclusion of a two-part series. In this episode, Dolan and Doolittle answer fun questions the THT Audio crew crowdsourced.

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0:00 — Intro
0:41 — How would Sean fare at the plate?
10:12 — The two vanillas
13:59 — Venus Over Rising Pluto
18:59 — Dusty Baker stories
24:43 — Are Seth Rogen movies ruined for Sean?
27:08 — Why do human names make the best pet name?
30:24 — “We’ll take Mina”
32:30 — Ghost riding the whip* (*bullpen cart)
35:57 — How can someone bring more uniqueness and joy to baseball?

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