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With the offseason in full swing, Jen, Mary, and Sarah discuss awards, the hot stove, and the latest league hires.

Jen, Sarah, and Mary recap the World Series, and welcome Sam Martinez to discuss the Divisional round.

Mary, Sarah and guest Crystal Owens discuss the ALCS and NLCS, then look ahead to the World Series.

Jen, Sarah and Mary break down the Championship Series with the help of Rachael McDaniel.

Jen, Mary and Sarah break down the 2018 Division Series round with the help of some guests.

Jen and Mary preview the Wild Card games with the help of a few special guests.

Jen, Sarah, and Mary discuss the postseason picture, Jeff Banister, Billie Jean King, and more!

Jen, Sarah, and Mary run through the week’s news, then welcome BP Mets editor-in-chief Kate Feldman to discuss David Wright.

Jen, Sarah, and Mary discuss Tommy John news, the tight race for the NL West, and more!

Jen, Mary, and guest host Crystal Owens discuss a manager’s bet lost, the Braves’ organist, and the results of the Women’s Baseball World Cup.