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A few days ago, with nothing on television, I perused the TV listings for the local sports channels. Over on ESPN2 their schedule for the next 3 hours consisted of cheer leading and jump rope. Now, I’m no television executive, so I don’t really know, but is it that hard to find actual sports to show? There’s perfectly decent sports like soccer, hockey, rugby and the like that are blatantly underrepresented on American TV. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the New Deck Tavern for some quality Barcelona action; Beamer, your reds don’t have a prayer.

BP’s Top 100 Prospects (registration required) – Kevin Goldstein posts the Top 100 Prospect List

Our Fascination With Projection – Jonah Keri has a special up at discussing the various projection systems, why we drool over them, and what it all means.

Position Battles – Dayn Perry at FoxSports lists ten positions up for grabs in Spring Training. I like that Jason Marquis is just listed as a candidate for a rotation spot. Good investment Hendry.

Peralta’s Eyesight a Problem?Jhonny Peralta’s eyesight might have been the reason behind his poor 2006. First of all, we’re supposed to believe that his eyesight went south in just one year? Secondly, if true, why wouldn’t you be having it checked last year? If I were a professional athlete with that kind of access to top medical care, I would be getting everything checked at least monthly.

I Warned You – I knew Ozzie Guillen and Darin Erstad on the same team would result in a lot of poor sports writing. Thank goodness for FJM to help ease the pain.

Look Before You Leap (Again) – The Baseball Crank takes a look back at the 2006 projections before moving on towards projecting 2007.

Just a %$@~(#* JokeDerek Jeter is not good at defense. I don’t care what the Gold Gloves say, he’s not. Furthermore, he’s nowhere near one of the 50 greatest defensive players of the last 50 years. He might be one of the 50 worst cumulatively given that he’s allowed a ton of playing time at a premium position because of his bat, but 50 best? Seriously? They’re wrong.

Among Meaningless Titles, This Ranks SomewhereDerek Lowe was named the Opening Day starter for the Dodgers. On the prestige meter, it ranks somewhere between All-Star and Gold Glove winner, e.g. idiot writers keep bringing it up, but it means nothing.

Does This Count as Performance Enhancing? – MLB will switch from it’s customary wool caps to a polyester blend starting this season. The new caps are designed to help contain moisture.

And the Latest Possible Closer to Keep Track of isMatt Lindstrom, a Swedish-speaking mormon who can hit 102 on the gun, is going to compete for the Marlins closing job this season.

Various NewsKerry Wood is going to limit his curveballs to try and stay healthy and Mark Lowe still isn’t cleared for rehab. If Lowe makes it back at all after rather unprecedented elbow surgery, it will be a pure bonus for the Mariners.

What We Sometimes ForgetBoone Logan provides us with a reminder that there is a human element to athletics.

Show Me the CF Money! – Fantasy Leaguers rejoice! Andruw Jones enters his contract year and is looking to get paid “market value” on his next contract, implying no hometown discount for the Braves.

No End in Zambrano Saga – While the Cubs and Carlos Zambrano did agree on a new contract, avoiding arbitration, the contract is for 2007 only, at a value of $12.4 million, and thereby does nothing to stop the media zoo that will surround Zambrano’s potential free agent status at the end of the year.

Abandon Ship! – Zambrano and Jones aren’t the only players likely headed for the market next year. Ichiro Suzuki has been continuously disappointed in the Mariners’ performance the last few years and unless things turn around in 2007, is not likely to be back.

A Hardball Times Update
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Business of Baseball Report – Wrigley Field ads and MLB’s new rules

Meet the Bench Players – Every tragedy has a face. Win Shares Above Bench isn’t a tragedy, but it does have some faces.

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