10,000th franchise homer

Monday night, little Brent Lillibridge, he of four career home runs in 146 games, hit the 10,000th homer in the history of the Chicago White Sox franchise.

That leads to an obvious question: who hit #10,000 for other franchises? Well, none of the expansion clubs are there, but almost all the pre-expansion ones are. The Sox are #15 of those 16. Only the Twins haven’t done it yet. Entering today, they’re at 9,513, so it’ll take a while for them.

Below list the lucky longballers for each franchise, ordered by date of #10,000.

Date	        Team	Slugger
5/27/1987	NYY	Dave Winfield
7/10/1988	SFG	Mike Aldrete
8/17/1995	CHC	Sammy Sosa
6/5/1997	ATL	Javy Lopez
6/30/1997	DET	Raul Casanova
6/11/2000	BAL	Mike Bordick
4/14/2001	OAK	Miguel Tejada
6/20/2001	CIN	Jason LaRue
6/22/2001	CLE	Russell Branyan
7/24/2001	LAD	Shawn Green
8/7/2001	PHI	Bobby Abreu
7/17/2002	BOS	Nomar Garciaparra
5/3/2006	STL	Hector Luna
7/3/2009	PIT	Ramon Vazquez
4/11/2011	CWS	Brent Lillibridge

When franchises move, I include all totals, even when they change name and nickname. The same is true for teams that change leagues (which happened in the 19th century as the Cardinals, Dodgers, Pirates, and Reds all began in the now-defunct AA major league). Thus some totals may not match with the official records of some franchises as I don’t think some NL teams acknowledge their AA roots, for instance.

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Ghost of Rogers Hornsby
11 years ago

So am I correct, the only original (or 1 of the 16 that was the major leagues for decades) team without 10,000 is Minnesota (Washington)?

Chris J.
11 years ago

Ghost – yup.

6 years ago

Your dates are off, Sosa hit the Cubs 10,000th home at dodger stadium. I was there at the game. You have the date as 08/17/1995 which is when the Cubs played the Rockies

5 years ago

I will miss the Invercargill crowd. The Steel fortress is something incredibly special and when any opposing team comes there I know it’s hard for them and that’s something I love to see