2007-2009 Non-Tenders

So how much better was the non-tender class from 2009 versus 2008 and 2007? Here are your teams, folks:


C Miguel Olivo
1B Jason Lane
2B Aaron Miles
3B Morgan Ensberg
SS Adam Everett
LF Kevin Mench
CF Willie Harris
RF Emil Brown
SP Mark Hendrickson
SP Mark Prior
RP Brendan Donnelly
RP Chad Durbin
CL Kiko Calero


C Robby Hammock
1B Jonny Gomes
2B Aaron Miles
3B Ty Wigginton
SS Angel Berroa
LF Joey Gathright
CF Willy Taveras
RF Jeff Salazar/ Reggie Abercrombie
SP Chris Capuano
SP Tim Redding
RP Joe Nelson
RP Lance Cormier
CL Takashi Saito


C John Buck
1B Ryan Garko
2B Kelly Johnson
3B Garrett Atkins
SS Alfredo Amezaga
LF Jack Cust
CF Ryan Church
RF Jonny Gomes/ Gabe Gross
SP Chien-Ming Wang
SP Scott Olsen
RP Jose Arredondo
RP Mike MacDougal
CL Matt Capps

2009 clearly comes out as the winner, and I think I’d go with 2007 in second and 2008 in last, although it’s really close between the last two.


Pat Andriola is an Analyst at Bloomberg Sports who formerly worked in Major League Baseball's Labor Relations Department. You can contact him at Patrick.Andriola@tufts.edu or follow him on Twitter @tuftspat
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12 years ago

I agree.  2008 is the very definition of replacement level while 2007 has a few players who could approach average in a good year (Olivo, Ensberg, Everett).  2009 is vastly superior.  These types of exercises are fun off-season filler.

12 years ago

2009 looks best *now*.  What about a year from now?  There is usually a reason players get non-tendered – sometimes reasons we don’t know about.

The A Team
12 years ago

Just based on where these guys have/are looking to sign makes it obvious that this class is better regardless of the “maybe we don’t know something” argument.  Capps, Wang, and Johnson are stirring up widespread interest and have jumped ahead of most pure free agents on teams’ wish lists.

Nick Steiner
12 years ago

I think it’s a little hard to judge 2007 and 2008, given that we have 2009 in our minds.  Perhaps you could show the Marcel’s for each player by year?

12 years ago

That 2009 team is incredibly awful defensively. Enough that its still pretty close.