Bautista and hits to left field

About once a week, I run a few special processes on my collection of PITCHf/x and Gameday data which I call “Oddities,” where I try to look for things “off the beaten path.” Typically it just brings something I already know: someone has a hitting streak, someone is not pitching well, etc.

Then I get something like this:

FHome Run9
LHome Run3

This table summarizes a search for descriptions of batted balls hit to left field by batter. Jose Bautista’s numbers triggered my oddity search.

Let’s break down what is happening:

Of 35 batted balls, 28 were hits. Twelve of those hits were home runs, 12 were singles, and four were doubles. Eighteen were fly balls, four were ground balls, and 13 were line drives. Based on the description from MLB Gameday). In 35 at-bats, 68 total bases, an .800 batting average and a 1.942 slugging percentage.

That isn’t odd. That is impressive.

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12 years ago

Jesus Christ

12 years ago

Easily the best hitter in baseball over the past calendar league – and no one is remotely close.

12 years ago

I seriously think he’s roiding…you don’t just become Barry Bonds at 30 plus years of age.

12 years ago

29, to be specific

12 years ago

Its not like MLB is avoiding testing him, Im sure he has had a few teests in the last 14 months. He is seeing the ball and hitting his pitch and he is not missing, simple as that.

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