Dan Haren goes for pitching history tonight

Tonight, Nationals pitcher Dan Haren comes off the DL—just in time for him to try to claim a bit of baseball history for himself.

If things go according to schedule, Haren will start in the first game of this week’s Nationals-Phillies series, and if Haren picks up the “W” he will become the 13th pitcher in baseball history to beat all 30 franchises. Right now, he’s at 29 down, Philadelphia to go.

Currently, only these 12 men have entered this club: Al Leiter, Kevin Brown, Terry Mulholland, Curt Schilling, Woody Williams, Jamie Moyer, Randy Johnson, Barry Zito, Javier Vazquez, Vicente Padilla, Derek Lowe, and A.J. Burnett.

It’s no guarantee. He has faced the Phillies six times so far in his career—including twice earlier this year—and has lost three and won none. We’ll see if the law of averages will finally be on his side today.

If you’re curious, here’s when he picked up his first win against the other 29 teams (broken up into groups of five to make it easier to follow along):

LAD 7/19/03
WSN 7/30/03 (back when they were still the Expos)
PIT 8/11/03
ATL 8/15/04
ARI 9/18/04

TEX 4/18/05
TBR 5/31/05
TOR 6/5/05
SEA 6/20/05
SFG 6/25/05

MIN 8/2/05
KCR 8/7/05
BAL 8/28/05
NYY 9/2/05
CLE 9/12/05

LAA 9/28/05
BOX 7/26/06
STL 6/15/07
CIN 6/20/07
DET 7/31/07

COL 4/12/08
SDP 4/18/08
HOU 4/28/08
OAK 6/18/08
CHC 4/27/09

MIL 5/2/09
MIA 7/10/09
NYM 8/3/09
CWS 4/17/11

Haren had two starts against the Phillies in 2003, another pair in 2009, and the rest this year. Will he do it? Tune in tonight and find out.

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87 Cards
9 years ago

Anytime, Anywhere Awards:

Kevin Brown beat the Rays in Florida, the Bronx and Puerto Rico (3-31-04).

Javier Vasquez beat the Reds in Cincy, Montreal, and Puerto Rico (4-19-03).

chanel bag for cheap
9 years ago

Dan Haren goes for pitching history tonight