Hall of Fame Week!

If you’re a constant reader of The Hardball Times, you may know that from time to time we like to run with themes. Some come in the form of author series, like Bruce Markusen’s “Card Corner Plus” or John Paschal’s “The Screwball,” and Stacey Gotsulias’ “Random Box Scores” may be a burgeoning theme. We’ll see. Sometimes, they come in the form of theme weeks. In the past, we’ve done “10 Lessons Week,” “10 Wishes for the new Commissioner,” and the always prescient “Season Preview Week.” To these theme weeks, we now add “Hall of Fame Week.”

In a normal year, devoted baseball fans are into the Hall of Fame ballot. And these are no normal years. The collateral damage of just Barry Larkin being voted in to the Hall in the 2012-2013 voting period is that the Hall of Fame ballot is now clogged with qualified and over-qualified candidates. So we thought we’d devote an entire week to what is fast becoming one of the most interesting baseball events. As we usually do, we have a special logo for the week that was designed for us by Howell Media Solutions, whom you should hire if you need graphic design work:

Logo created by Howell Media Solutions

Logo created by Howell Media Solutions

We don’t just have a logo, though; we also have a lineup for the week. Take a look. Also, note that I’ll update these with their proper links once they post each day:

It’s a diverse list of topics and a group of writers we were excited to work with. As an added bonus, we’ll have a post on or around the ballot reveal date in January from Graham Womack, who is busy cooking up something special as well.

Here at THT, we love themes, and we hope you’ll find our Hall of Fame Week theme to be a winning one!

Paul Swydan used to be the managing editor of The Hardball Times, a writer and editor for FanGraphs and a writer for Boston.com and The Boston Globe. Now, he owns The Silver Unicorn Bookstore, an independent bookstore in Acton, Mass. Follow him on Twitter @Swydan. Follow the store @SilUnicornActon.
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8 years ago

I can’t wait for the rest of this week, thanks Paul and Co! That Thursday/Friday slate looks especially fun. I really appreciate all of THT’s analysis and quality writing and refresh Frangraphs a few times per day to see if y’all have a new article up, keep being great!

7 years ago

As a longtime Detroit tiger fan I honestly do believe these 3 players should be inducted this month Jack Morris, who had a career 254-186 record Jim Kaat who rccord was 283- 237 and of course Alan Trammell who’s batting average was .285 and he was certainly a better shortstop then Ozzie Smith ever was.!

If there was no favoritism by certain sportswriters these 3 players would had been in the hall of fame at least 10 years ago happen to have a request that no player including designate hitters HGH users such as Barry Bonds,
Sammy Sosa they should never be elected it is time to put the players that deserved this honor to go in first before the players they put in now which is very unfair.?

6 years ago

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