Joe Girardi, sabermetrician

Via the LoHud Yankees Blog:

Cano hit just .207 with runners in scoring position last year, but Girardi wasn’t upset with his approach in those situations. “There was a streak when he had made about 10 or 11 outs in a row with runners in scoring position, and he hit nine bullets,” Girardi said. “Over the long term that usually irons itself out, but when you don’t have 600,000 at-bats, it doesn’t iron out. His at-bats, a lot of times were very good with runners in scoring position. I didn’t think he had a lot of luck last year”

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big fan
14 years ago

Cano has been terrible with runners o his entire career. In 2009 he was the worst clutch hitter in baseball see

This happens year after year, and the Yankees can either figure it out or cut ties to him one his contract is over. A player with his stats and yet having a negative WPA means he is king of the meaningelss hits.

Joe R
14 years ago

Want to know something ironic?

Joe Morgan claims to hate statistics (we all know this), calls things like batting average “personal stats”, but LOVES Robinson Cano.

If there’s ever been a player one can say phones it in when he’s needed, it’s Cano. His career wRAA is 49.8, but an RE24 of -23.73. Of course, his WPA is a -3.20 as a result. Not to mention he’s mediocre defensively.

In 868 PA w/ RISP, he’s .256/.291(!)/.398 w/ a .267 BABIP. In Bases empty situations, he’s .331/.363/.528 in 1580 PA w/ a .346 BABIP. I’m hard pressed to believe that big of a discrepency over long periods (1.5 seasons of PAs and 3 seasons of PAs) is luck, BABIP aside.

14 years ago

His career WPA/LI is much better than his career REW.  What can we take from that?