More outfield arms results

After my recent article ranking outfield arms in 2007, I got several requests for a spreadsheet containing the results for all players, not just the full-time players that were mentioned in the article. A couple people asked for data going back a few years, as well. So, I’ve put together a file that you can download and play around with to your heart’s content.

Here is the link: outfield arms results, 2004-2007.

I did a little playing around myself and thought I’d share what I found.

Best and Worst Seasons, 2004-2007
Pos   Name         Year     Runs
RF    Cuddyer      2007     12.0
CF    Payton       2004      8.5
LF    Ramirez,M    2005      9.1

RF    Green,S      2006    -10.5
CF    Williams,B   2004     -7.7
LF    Stewart,S    2007     -8.8
Best and Worst Overall, 2004-2007
RF  Francoeur    23.7
    Rios         21.5
    Cuddyer      17.9

    Dye          -8.3
    Giles,B     -13.5
    Green,S     -19.7

CF  Edmonds      16.3
    Jones,A      11.7
    Payton       11.5

    Williams,B  -10.2
    Damon       -15.4
    Pierre      -19.1
LF  Soriano      20.5
    Cabrera,Mi   10.4
    Ibanez        9.1

    White, R    -11.4
    Bay         -13.3
    Gonzalez,L  -14.9

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