Most Recent 10-game winning streaks for all 30 teams

Earlier today, Philadelphia’s 10-game winning streak came to an end. In their honor, here is a list of the most recent ten-game winning streaks for all 30 teams. Included is the day they won #10 (which is also how they’re ranked, from most recent to oldest) and also noted is how long the winning streak was by its end.

Before looking – care to guess what team has never won 10 straight? Any guesses which team hasn’t done it since the LBJ Administration? Here they all are, broken up into fives:

PHI 7/21/09 (10)
COL 6/13/09 (11)
SDP 5/25/09 (10)
BOX 4/26/09 (11)
TOR 9/9/08 (10)

CLE 8/27/08 (10)
NYM 7/17/08 (10)
MIN 6/27/08 (10)
LAD 8/7/06 (11)
OAK 6/18/06 (10)

WAS 6/12/05 (10)
NYY 5/17/05 (10)
HOU 9/6/04 (12)
PIT 7/5/04 (10)
TBD 6/19/04 (12)

SFR 5/31/04 (10)
MIL 8/28/03 (10)
ARI 6/28/03 (12)
ANA 9/8/02 (10)
SEA 4/17/02 (10)

STL 8/18/01 (11)
CHC 5/30/01 (12)
ATL 4/27/00 (15)
BAL 9/18/99 (13)
CIN 7/1/99 (10)

KCR 8/1/94 (14)
TEX 5/23/91 (14)
CWS 5/26/76 (10)
DET 9/20/68 (11)

When Detroit did it last, the Vietnam War was in full swing, Nixon and Humphrey were campaigning for the president. There were only 20 teams in MLB and the A’s were finishing their first season in Oakland. Earl Weaver was a rookie manager with only 74 games under his belt in Baltimore, and Hank Aaron became the eighth member of the 500-HR club just a few months earlier. Mickey Lolich was the winning picture that day and Al Kaline was their biggest star position player. When the winning streak began, Dizzy Dean was the most recent 30-game winner. (Denny McLain won #31 on 9/19/68.

I’m not sure which is less likely: the Tigers going 41 years without winning 10 in a row, or the Padres winning that many earlier this year.

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Chris Jaffe
13 years ago

Oh, I forgot to mention, Detroit’s second most recent 10-game winning streak came back in 1949.  Jeepers!

13 years ago

Los Tigres haven’t had a 10-game winning streak since the heyday of Denny McLain? As the late Rich Ashburn would have said to his now-late broadcast booth cohort, “Hard to believe, Harry, hard to believe.”

13 years ago

I’m kinda surprised that Detroit did not win 10 in a row in 1984, when they started 35-5. (checking….) Streaks of 9, 7, 7, and 9 wins in a row there.

Geoff Young
13 years ago

Baseball is a funny game. Somehow the ‘99 Padres managed to win 14 straight despite finishing 74-88, while the ‘84 Tigers (with their 35-5 start) never managed to break double digits.

13 years ago

The Rockies doing it twice in 3 yrs must be improbable as well.

Chris Jaffe
13 years ago

Detroit’s only had five nine-game winning streaks since their big streak in 1968. (In comparison, the Marlins have already had that many in franchise history). Their last nine-game winning streak ended in 1984 (giving them their famous 35-5 record). They’ve had only two 8-game streaks since 1984 (in 2006 and 2007 respectively).

Oh – while I normally avoided the postseason, I checked it for the ‘05 White Sox (who were 11-1 in their playoff run). Including their late winning season streak and Opening day victory in ‘06, the Sox went 17-1: but the loss came right in the middle: win 9, lose 1, win 8.

Lastly, the Phillies once went over a half-century without a 10-game winning streak, which shouldn’t be too surprising if you know much about their history.

Chris Jaffe
13 years ago

The Sox have only had two nine-game winning streaks since 1976: in 1977 and 2006. Actually, it’s three including the 2005 postseason (with the season opener in ‘06 being game #9).

13 years ago

Does the 14 straight by the ‘99 Padres create the largest percent of season wins coming during one streak? (18.9% of 74 total). Doesn’t even have to be from 10+ streaks…though I guess there wouldn’t be any sub-47 win teams with 9 game streaks anyway.

I would be curious about the reverse as well…highest percentage of losses represented by a losing streak.

Eriq Jaffe
13 years ago

If you discount 2005/6, the White Sox haven’t rattled off 9 in a row since before they wore shorts.


Detroit Michael
13 years ago

In 1975, the year the last-place Tigers had a 19-game losing streak, they also won 9 games in a row.

13 years ago

And, if you count the playoffs (but don’t extend into the following season), the 2005 White Sox had FIVE separate 8-game winning streaks:

9/28-10/2 (five games, plus then a sweep of the Red Sox)
They then lost Game One to the Angels, then won four straight, then swept the Astros.

Harry Pavlidis
13 years ago

Hey, the Cubs do have something the Marlins don’t. Cool.