Please help John’s family

THT and the baseball community lost a dear friend and writer this week when John Brattain passed away. But, of course, his wife and two teenage daughters feel the loss much more keenly. THT has started a donation drive to help them. In the upper left-hand column of our home page, there is a Paypal donation button. Please click it and donate any amount you feel is appropriate. THT will forward all proceeds to John’s family. There’s even a textbox for you to leave a message for them, if you’d like.

I don’t know if this will work in all RSS feeds, but I’ll post the link here too:

Dave Studeman was called a "national treasure" by Rob Neyer. Seriously. Follow his sporadic tweets @dastudes.
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Yeezy Knockoffs
5 years ago

All these silhouettes became iconic outside of sports, and therefore they have lifestyle relevance, which is the value that Ryo-san is picking up on.