Quiz results: Mauer’s health

Last week I asked all of you to take a SWAG at how many of the remaining years in Joe Mauer’s eight-year, $184 million pact would be healthy ones, and here is what you said:

Healthy Mauer seasons     Percentage
Zero                            2.7%
1-2                            17.8%
3-4                            39.7%
5-6                            34.2%
Seven                           5.5%

The absolute pessimists were small in number, with under three percent of you saying Mauer’s healthy days are done, though over 20 percent total said he’s have no more than two injury-free seasons in the next seven.

The plurality went with the middle-of-the-road choices of 3-4 years, which seems about right for an oft-injured catcher heading into his 30s.

It’s good to see some optimism expressed by the roughly 40 percent of voters who foresee five or more healthy campaigns from one of Minnesota’s favorite sons. (Or maybe Aaron Gleeman stuffed the ballot box.) I’d like to think just about any baseball fan, regardless of team affiliation, would hope to see as many healthy years as possible from such a talented player, but hoping and SWAGging are two different things.

Finally, sorry for not posting these results last Friday as promised. Sometimes life gets in the way of baseball.

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