ShysterBall to THT

Great news. One of my very favorite baseball blogs, ShysterBall, has agreed to move its operation to the Hardball Times. Starting Monday, Craig Calcaterra (the actual shyster himself) will be posting several times a day on THT, in a special blog set up for him on our site. We’re pretty excited that Craig has agreed to move here, because it will really fill out THT’s baseball offering for you:

– Daily blogging comments by Craig (actually, several times a day—at least),
– Terrific fantasy content from Derek Carty and friends (even if you don’t participate in fantasy baseball, these posts are a great read) every day, and
– Our usual two-to-three longer baseball articles every day.

If you read the Hardball Times via an RSS reader, don’t worry. ShysterBall’s entries will appear in our RSS feeds starting Monday. We’ll also post the specific “ShysterBall at THT” link then. So watch for it … and thank you for supporting the Hardball Times.

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