Terrible news

I want to let all of THT’s readers know that one of our most prolific writers and favorite people, John Brattain, just passed away.

Many of us got to know John through the Baseball Think Factory, where his good humor was always on display. John joined the THT writing team more than four years ago, and he further honed his extraordinary wit, humanity and sense of fun every week on our site (and elsewhere). For a while, he even contributed twice a week. He was one of the people who made THT a truly rewarding experience for all of us.

John is survived by a wife and two teenage daughters. As information about his service becomes available, we’ll pass it along.

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Terri Cutts
9 years ago

Hi all. I’m not sure how many of you will actually see this as it is an old thread, but I thought I would give you an update on John’s family. I am his sister. John’s eldest daughter is married to a wonderful man, and working with the deaf. Her husband also is a signer and works with the deaf as well. John’s youngest daughter has made him a granddaughter with a beautiful little girl. She was married, but her husband has left her. Our father died a year ago, and a week before he died, we had all the family together for a dinner party and had a family portrait done at that time. Our brother John is sorely missed, especially when the whole family comes together. John would have been a proud papa.
Signing off in his manner
Best Regards
— Terri Cutts

Craig Burley
9 years ago

Many of us who are former THT staffers, and especially many of us who were former denizens of BaseballThinkFactory.org like John was, still revere him and his memory. And we miss him terribly. Thanks for the family update, Terri, very much. I personally am glad that his light continues to shine.

Best Regards.