THT staff playoff predictions

Not satisfied with being humiliated just once, The Hardball Times staff has attempted to make playoff predictions, too.

For the sake of brevity, I won’t subject every one of us to the embarrassment of having our picks laid out for the world to see (yet), but I will do a recap similar to Chris Jaffe’s after the postseason is over to see how everyone did.

Here is a summary of who was picked to win each series.

       DET   NYY
ALDS1   11     8

       TBR   TEX
ALDS2   13     6

       PHI   STL
NLDS1   17     2

       MIL   ARI
NLDS2   12     7

It looks like just about everyone thinks the Cardinals’ run, exciting as it was, is over. The Rays, on the other hand, have plenty of believers. The Brewers’ phenomenal home record appears to give them an edge. And the Tigers-Yankees showdown is close to a toss-up.

       NYY   DET   TBR   TEX
ALCS     7     6     5     1

       MIL   PHI   ARI   STL
NLCS     9     7     2     1

The only obvious thing in the American League is that virtually no one has faith in the Rangers to get back to the Fall Classic. In the National League, it’s a two-horse race between the Brew Crew and the Phils.

              PHI   DET   MIL   NYY   TBR   ARI   STL   TEX
World Series    6     5     4     2     2     0     0     0

While no clear-cut favorite exists, those who think Philadelphia or Detroit can get to baseball’s final also think that team will win it all. Sorry, Arizona, St. Louis and Texas, but you have no true believers in the THT midst. (But you have at least one of us rooting for you to win.)

Check back in early November to see how we did and who made the most accurate predictions.

Greg has been a writer and editor for The Hardball Times since 2010. In his dreams, he's the second coming of Ozzie Smith. Please don't wake him up.
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12 years ago

“I won’t subject every one of us to the embarrassment of having our picks laid out for the world to see”

For ####’s sake! You’re afraid to make a prediction on the internet that might be wrong?

Sack up and make a statement. The only thing you have is your credibility. So if you’re not willing to risk it then you’re not worth reading.

Greg Simons
12 years ago

The line you quoted was meant as a joke in reference to Chris Jaffe’s review of our preseason picks, where some of us did well and others…did not.

Compiling everyone’s individual picks in a presentable format would have taken more time than I had at 11:00 in the evening Thursday night.

As I stated, I will review everyone’s selections afer the World Series, but I decided to present a summary to show our general feelings for how the playoffs will go before the games began.

jeffrey gross
12 years ago

who is the only other person besides me silly enough to pick the rays to win it all?

Greg Simons
12 years ago

Jeffrey, that would be Chris Jaffe.

I think he’s fixated on Tampa Bay’s manager.  Or Jonah Keri.