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Jack Weiland
9 years ago

Wow. That rules.

Ed DeCaria
9 years ago


I had fun with this one. I was just so mesmerized by that pitch. @harrypav and I were marveling about it on Twitter and I just could not get the pitch out of my head, so I had to write about it.

Believe it or not, the haiku-like 17-syllable count here was accidental—perhaps the subconscious at work?

The poem-within-the-poem …

I see
you’ll be
on your knees

… was intentional. Basically, this is Darvish making two statements—one as a thoughtful pitcher, one as a domineering force. I chose red glow to mimic the spin of the seams on the baseball.

It’s POETRYf/x!


Michelle Heidenrich Barnes
9 years ago

I confess I’m not much for baseball, but you do know how to pitch a great poem!

9 years ago

Ooh!  It’s a haiku!

I fail to see how
you’ll possibly be ready
for this on your knees.


9 years ago

Fitting, a haiku for Yu – both Japanese greats.

Bridget Magee
9 years ago

Fun poem! You know how to ‘play ball’. =)

Doraine Bennett
9 years ago

That’s some pitch and some poem.

Laura Purdie Salas
9 years ago

Love the poem within a poem!

Ed DeCaria
9 years ago

Michelle/Bridget/Doraine/Laura—thank you all for visiting, reading, and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it!